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Photo Formats

Before digital cameras and computer file storage, we seemed to have more of an abundance of photographs around the house.  Photo frames adorned the walls and a dozen albums of all shapes and sizes held our precious memories ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice to share with family and friends.

What happens today?  We take a picture, upload it to our computer, email it to a few friends or family members and add a couple to Facebook every now and again.  Rarely do they see the light of day other than on the computer screen.

While browsing YouTube I came across this video on How To Make A Photo Quilt.  I love this idea as it allows us to share in a precious moment each day and also makes a memorable handmade gift to give to someone else.

Let’s bring those photos out from hiding and share with those we love.

Easter Is Coming

With Easter only a few weeks away, what better way to create lasting memories for you and your children than with some fun and games?  Here are some fun ways to do just that.

Guess how many eggs.  Get a glass jar or a basket and place some smaller eggs or even lollies in the jar or basket.  Hand out a pencil and paper and get each child to guess how many eggs or lollies are in the container.  The one closest to the actual number is declared the winner!

While the Easter egg hunt is always good fun you can do a small variation by getting your kids to match Easter eggs by the colour of the wrapper.   The other good aspect of this is that if they collect unmatched eggs then at the end of the game they can swap and match with the rest of the family.

How about Pin the Egg on the Basket?  Draw a big picture of an Easter basket as well as some eggs using coloured paper.  Give out each egg with adhesive on the back and their name on the front and with a blind fold spin them around and see how close they can get with the prize going to player that gets the closest.

For a whole lot more fun and games have a look at this site:

It is always good fun at Easter to leave bunny footprints around the house.  The footprints are easy to make and easier to clean up with a quick vacuum or a broom.   Here is the best way to do it:

  • Pour a small amount of baby powder in a bowl.
  • With your thumb and first 2 fingers dip them into the powder.
  • Then work out where you trail will go and then press your 3 fingers on the carpet and or furniture.
  • A quick vacuum or a broom cleans everything up in no time.

As your kids get a bit older you can make the trail harder to find and follow.

An alternative is to use paper to cut out some footprints that you can then decorate and place around the house or even outside.  Don’t forget to get the lefts and rights around the right way or maybe even mix them up for a bit of a laugh.

What more proof could you have that the Easter Bunny has been at your house than seeing actual footprints!!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of these moments.  You will treasure them in years to come.

Easter is such a great time for your family and some of these ideas can add to that memory that can last for ever.

Annette Piper Jewellery

With Christmas fast approaching, and I am using the internet to do most of my searching for presents.

annette.jpgWhile browsing Under the Loupe, Annette’s blog (from Annette Piper Jewellery) where I found this pretty bracelet.

Featuring beautiful lime green pearls, amethyst, aquamarine and other pearls – in lavender, purple and grass green – it is such a lovely piece of jewellery!

Annette has many more gorgeous creations on her site that would be just perfect for Christmas!

Quilt Fabric Delights

Growing up I always remember my mum sewing, and even now, she still sits at her machine to mend this or make that.  I was never blessed with the skill to sew, and I am sorry to say, nor the inclination. 

However, when I recently visited the site Quilt Fabric Delights, I was filled with inspiration.  So many beautiful fabrics and so many possibilities.

Quilt Fabric Delights is an online store owned and operated by Sarah Leak in South Australia. 

I made my way into Sarah’s blog, only to discover this fantastic backpack that she had made.  This backpack, along with the other stunning creations you will find on Quilt Fabric Delights Blog simply leaves me in awe of the talent some people possess.

At Quilt Fabric Delights you will find a range of designer fabrics, patterns, craft ideas and more.