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Christmas Ordering Dates

Christmas is now less only a couple of weeks away and we at Etched in Memories can’t wait for some quality family time and, of course, a big pile of presents. In this sense, we would like to remind you that if you would like to order Christmas gifts from us, you still have time to do so over the next three weeks. Our Christmas ordering dates are now set and all the information you need is in this post!

First of all, if you are planning to surprise your relatives or friends with some of our 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver items, you haven’t yet missed the opportunity to choose and order them online. The last date for orders and payments we can process before Christmas is Wednesday, December 10, as our jeweller will need a week to make your pendant.

On the other hand, if you prefer your items made of Stainless Steel or Gold Plated, you have an extra week to choose and order – we will take the last orders of this type on Thursday, December 18. Don’t forget to check out our 5 different pendant forms that we can customize for you and turn in the perfect Christmas present.

For all of you who plan to order Christmas presents from us, please have in mind that the items may take a few days to arrive after we post them. In order to ensure all the items are on time, please allow enough time for shipping – it’s not worth risking the Christmas spirit with a late order!

Please note that our office will be closed for Christmas in the period Saturday, December 20 – Tuesday, December 30. In that time, we will be able to answer your e-mails, but, unfortunately, no orders or payments will be processed.

So, just to sum up, here are our Christmas Ordering Dates in a nutshell:

  • December 10 – last date for ordering 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver items.
  • December 18 – last date for ordering Stainless Steel and Gold Plated items.
  • December 20 – December 30 – the office will be closed.

The team at Etched in Memories wishes you an unforgettable Christmas!

3D Memories

Retaining memories, especially the good ones, is one of the most wonderful aspects of being human.

Memories, however, fade over time and require a physical or visual reminder to help evoke the feelings, the fun, and the good of the memory.

We know this from our own experiences. There has also been quite a bit of research into the use of photographs and pictures to help those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease to recall incidents and stimulate the mind, memories and bran function. Pictures and images do help us to remember, which also explains why they are so precious to us.

Unfortunately, the visual aids are something that are lacking for those with visual impairments. Their memories fade, just like those of the rest of us, yet they have no access to these precious reminders. They lose the memories of those special moments of life; of special occasions, special people, and significant moments.

Just as the language of Braille was created to enable blind people to read and gather information, a company in Singapore, calling themselves Pirate3D, is experimenting with 3D printer technology to provide those  unable to see with a ‘touchable memory’.

Essentially, they are reproducing visual images such as photographs, into three dimensional shapes via 3D printing. This provides those who are blind a physical, tangible and touchable ‘image’ which gives them the stimulation required to remember those special moments.

You can read more about the project here, and see the profound impact the three dimensional ‘images’ have on those who cannot see.

It highlights not only the beauty of our memories on our being, but also why keepsakes and reminders are so important to us, and to the memories of the important times in our lives.

Remembering Practices

Losing a loved one is an inevitable aspect of everyone’s life, but the way we deal with this loss is strictly personal. There are many practices and techniques to stop grieving and start leading a normal life again, and it is up to you to find what will help you in the particular situation. Usually, your habits, beliefs and understanding of the world around us will affect the way you deal with loss and grief and you need to have in mind that nobody can claim with 100% what happens after someone leaves us. What you need to do is decide what your relationship with this person is.

While many specialists and bereavement professionals insist that the best way to get back to your normal life is to forget and let go, there are other equally powerful practices of dealing with grief. The core of the so-called Remembering Practices, developed by Lorraine Hedtke, is that there will be no grief to deal with if you realise that there is nothing you should grieve about. And here is how and why.

The fact that someone has stopped existing physically does not mean that they are no longer with us and no longer existing at all. Numerous sources related to religion, fiction, fantasy, philosophy, etc refer to ways in which a deceased person remains in the world. We don’t even need to explore the aspects of the supernatural to realise that our loved ones are still with us – the fact that we remember them and talk about them, have photos with them and know that they have existed, etches them forever in our memory.

If we acknowledge the fact that a person has lived and has marked the world with their existence, why should we say farewell and let go, if we can maintain a connection and relationship? Why should we stop grieving if we can talk, discuss, tell stories, remember the person and what they did when they were with us?

In this sense, losing someone is similar to reading a book. You are together and you have a great time, but at some point the book ends and many readers confess that they feel awful when they turn the last page. But that doesn’t mean you should throw the book away and try to forget about it. On the contrary, you will remember the book, you will discuss it with other people, you will speak about it, quote it, tell stories, maybe read it again and again. And you will have a sort of a never ending relationship, because every book changes the way we see the world.

While the relationship between people is far more complex than that between a reader and a book, the same principles apply. You cannot forget a person that has been in your life – trying to do so will only result in painful moments when you remember them. Instead, acknowledge that the person is no longer with you, but cherish the memory of them, the moments you have had together. Put your photos in a beautiful frame, get a personalised pendant with a picture of them, talk about them and talk TO them, think of the ways they changed you and influenced you.

There is nothing wrong in trying to maintain this relationship if that helps you live with your loss. If you find that the conventional process of saying farewell and letting go does not work for you, try the remembering practices and hopefully you will feel better and see the loss for what it is – a new beginning.

Words Of Memory

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a few well chosen words can still speak volumes. When ordering a pendant, pictures truly personalise, but also consider how text could enhance the piece. Etched in Memories can engrave words for you, as well as render your quality images onto our pendants.

Perhaps you’d like to craft a special message for a special person in your life. Maybe a line of poetry will suit the occasion. An inspirational quote that will mean a lot to the recipient might be just the thing to create a well-thought-out present. The difference between a very pretty gift and a truly outstanding one might be including the names of beloved family members, or dates of significance, such as anniversaries. There are many possibilities to ponder, and finding just the right words will bring the pendant even closer to the heart of the wearer.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you let your creative mind wander. There is a flat fee of $5 for text, which covers unlimited words, but different sizes and shapes make the pendants suitable for different lengths of messages. Generally, the more words, the smaller (and harder to read) the text will be. We have found that up to 10 words fit well on most pendant shapes. If you are thinking of a longer message, the ID Tag might be the best fit.

Please feel free to consult with us about including text on your pendant order. We can make individual recommendations that will assist you in designing the quality piece your loved one deserves, while including a message that is one of a kind.

The Timeless Beauty Of Yellow Gold

For most folks in the world, the word gold is synonymous with the words wealth, security, strength, value and luxury. Unlike other metals, the shine of yellow gold will never tarnish or fade. Gold can also be alloyed with other metals to increase its strength when it is worked into shapes and designs.

Due to these special properties and its rarity, gold has been used as a medium of exchange as well as the metal of choice for jewellery and other works of art. Since ancient times, it is a substance that has remained highly valued, even in times of war and famine.

Given its lasting appeal, is it any wonder that gold remains the time honored choice when we wish to profess our love for one another or recognise others for possessing the virtuous qualities that most of us value: honour, loyalty, and courage?

While gold can be alloyed with other metals to change its hue from yellow to white or rose, the original shiny and attractive yellow gold remains the traditional, endearing choice for most.

Here at Etched In Memories, we know how valuable your most precious memories are to both you and your loved ones. This is why we provide a way for you to preserve your most special memories in attractive and durable yellow gold.

Our 9ct yellow gold pendants can be customised and engraved with the image or text of your choice. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as price ranges. We offer this diverse group so that you can select the perfect yellow gold pendant that best fits your needs and your budget.

Popular shapes for our yellow gold pendants include hearts, squares, rectangles and circles as well as the shape of the familiar ID Tag. The thickness of our pendants range from 0.6 to 1.0 mm thick and pricing begins at a reasonable $283.95.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you preserve the memories of the special people and events in your life in an enduring form that will remain untarnished and valuable throughout time.

Far Away From Home

Day after day, the world we live in changes irrevocably. Boundaries are drawn or erased, new highways and air routes come into existence and take children away from parents, separate siblings and put thousands of miles between best friends. By the minute we are provided with new opportunities for work, education, better life – some of them as far as the end of the world, and all of them requiring a certain sacrifice. Years ago, most of them would cost more than we would care to pay, but today we have the means to keep our friends and relatives close no matter where we live.

Visual memories are important – everyone would say that. However, you don’t truly understand how important they are until you are far away from home, in a foreign country, on a different continent. You go home from work, expecting to see the same empty and lonely room. You unlock the door and the faces of your family are there, before you, smiling from the gold-plated picture frame on your wall. Minutes ago, you didn’t even remember that the photo existed; now you are grateful that you decided to take it with you when you didn’t even realise you will miss everyone so much.

A year ago, if somebody told you that you would spend hours on Skype, talking to your family and friends, you would have laughed. Now there’s hardly a day when you don’t send them a message, asking if everyone is alright and answering their concerned questions in turn. And while the smaller members of your family practically grow in front of your eyes thanks to programmes like Skype, you can’t help but spend some of your time on Facebook, checking on your friends, on the latest news from your hometown, staying in touch and being informed.

It really is great that now every one of us can have a profile in a social network, an account in Skype, an e-mail client. Sometimes we can even forget that we are far away from home – as if our parents have gone on a holiday, our siblings are still in their school’s boarding house and everybody is together. Practically, we are together – a small family keeping its distant relationship with the help of the Internet, part of the bigger world family, whose parents are the globalisation and the striving for better life.

Sometimes, the effort to maintain a connection is everything that relates us to our past. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, Skype and Google+, being away does not feel too bad. Because of our visual memories – pictures and videos, digital and real, every place in the world feels like home. If you are far away, you know that feeling when you see the familiar faces smiling from your desktop. If you are planning to go away, save a corner of your suitcase for everyone’s pictures – you will never regret taking them with you.

Why Bother The Bunny?

Easter so longed for is gone in a day. – James Howell

Do you remember as a child how long it seemed to take before Easter finally arrived?

We talked about it in class and made Easter baskets.  We talked about it at school as we joined in with the Easter bonnet parade.  We talked about it in the playgrounds and then we went home and drove our parents nutty with “How many days now?”

Then Easter arrived one morning and was gone before it was even bedtime.

I’d change James Howell’s quote to say that Easter is gone in less than a day.  The only reminder we had was a pile of torn foil and, on our return to school, the Easter egg comparison charts.

“How many eggs did you get?”

“Oh, I had way more than that…”

Now that I am an adult, Easter still seems to fly past.  Admittedly I spend the lead up time shopping for Easter eggs and gifts for family and friends, but the day itself just disappears.  By the time the eggs have been discovered, we’ve caught up with others, celebrated the day and we are all on a chocolate high, it’s almost impossible to remember the day.

As kids we had nothing to worry about except who we’d see and how many eggs or pressies we might be given, so it is still easy to remember the good bits even after all these years.

Now I struggle to remember anything about last year’s Easter, or the one before that.  It isn’t a faulty memory that is to blame; it’s busyness and the responsibilities of being a grown up that get in the way.

I don’t want to miss out on another Easter memory.

Instead of giving people just chocolate this year I’d like to give them all a little digital camera so they can record the day.  I might not have time to take photos but I can share theirs and we can keep them forever.

How will you remember this Easter?

Rising Out Of The Ashes – What Fire Cannot Take Away

When it’s used to cook our food and warm our hearths, fire is truly a much needed gift. However, the devastating, unpredictable nature of fire can also be truly catastrophic when it is let loose and consumes everything in its path. As the recent fires here in Australia have shown, fire can be truly destructive, destroying homes, property and even lives.

While you and your family may escape a dangerous fire with your lives, and insurance can help you to repair any damage to your dwelling and some of your belongings, it is often impossible to reclaim everything that you lose in a fire. More often than not, if you’ve survived a fire, chances are great that you will lose something that’s special to you. Perhaps it is a treasured family heirloom, a beautiful plant that was given to you by a loved one, or an essential item that is your personal touchstone to fond memories from days gone by.

Insurance may replace these items, but a replacement is not quite the same as having the actual item. These items, our personal belongings, can often become powerful talisman by becoming our personal keys to the memories of our past.

Our memories are important to us, they tell the story of where we have been in the journey that is our life. Our memories also shape and define who we are as individuals. While fire may destroy our physical possessions, it cannot destroy our memories. Thankfully there is an easy, and beautiful way, to record and preserve the existence of the special people, events, places and favorite possessions that have been part of our lives.

Take the time now to preserve what you treasure in your life. Send us a photo of your favorites – be they loved ones, pets, places, events, or possessions – and let us turn it into a personalised, engraved memento that will stand the test of time.

At Etched in Memories, we can take your favorite photo and permanently engrave it onto your choice of metal – from precious metals such as 9 ct gold and sterling silver to durable and affordable stainless steel – and help you to create a permanent, personalised record of your treasured past.

Keep your memories close to you where fire and time cannot touch them. You can wear your new memento close to your heart as a pendant, at the wrist as a cufflink, or carry it with you each day on your keychain.

Surround Yourself With Photos

Last year we talked about the importance of bringing your images to life, not leaving them to wither as digital images.  It’s still something that I often see.

We are blessed with the technology and opportunity to capture virtually every important moment in our lives – and we do it.  The amount of images in MB we all have stored on our phones, iPods or computers is enormous.

Yet when was the last time you stopped to look through those images? In many cases I would guess that you have not looked at them ever. Am I right?

Why aren’t we surrounding ourselves with photos? It’s so easy to do. I’ve come up with some ideas for you so that you can use those special photos in a way that you’ll enjoy.

Snapfish will make you a photo album filled with your chosen images or put your child’s face onto a mug. They also have a new Glass Print which looks really exciting.

On Etsy you can have your favourite photo turned into a piece of canvas wall art with words. Isn’t this a lovely way to remember your wedding vows?

PhotoWow can turn your photos into pop art to hang on your wall. They certainly make a style statement, don’t they?

Fotorama will take your photos and turn them into wall collages for you.  These are a great idea especially if you have a series of photos that belong together.  They really tell the story for you.

With all these options available to you, don’t leave your special photos hidden away in the digital world.  Display them and enjoy them.

Tips For Photographing The Elderly

Photographing the elderly can be just as difficult as taking photographs of the kids. However you shouldn’t let that stop you, after all, how many opportunities will you have to take their photo?

I personally enjoy taking photos of the older generation – their wisdom, experience and genuine expressions are right there waiting to be captured on film. Here are some tips which I think will help you.

Photograph Them In Action

Often when we think of the elderly we think of an old person sitting down. Let’s change that attitude and try to photograph them when they are out and about doing something. Many elderly people I know are members of clubs, do exercise and enjoy walking and other fitness activities. So get out there and photograph them in action.

Photograph Them With Other Family Members

One person is interesting. Two people are even more interesting – particularly when the image is one of varying generations – grandson and grandma for example. Include other family members and photograph the interaction that takes place. Don’t forget to take photographs of them doing childlike activities as well – this allows you to get a rare glimpse into what they might have been like as a child.

Photograph Them Up Close

Our natural instinct is to take a photograph with many things in the background to fill the shot. Forget that for a moment and focus on capturing just them – their face and features. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in these types of images so allow their image to fill the screen.

Experiment With Colour, Black and White and Other Features

Don’t just snap a photo and leave it at that. Experiment with colour, black and white and sepia tones to find the right style to capture the image. Changing the image can really bring a photograph alive or create a sense of history even if the photograph was only taken this morning.

Whether you are taking a casual photo or want something more formal, allow them to be themselves without too much direction. Turn of the flash to avoid distraction and just let them relax into the setting before you take the picture. And then snap away. You are sure to get some priceless images that the whole family can enjoy.