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Do you stand out in a crowd?

Individuality, imagination and creativity go a long way in defining a business.  Not just in product or service but also in presentation.  Yes, you need to provide a memorable service or have that niche product to entice your customer’s to return.  But what have you got going for you to drive them to your store to start with? 

I noticed Anne, writer of The Tall Poppy blog, had written a post about business cards.  She wrote, “How can you stand out in the crowd if your business card looks just the same as all the others? Your business card should be truly memorable and reflect you and your business.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis is so true, I asked myself this very question when I was having my business card designed.  I wanted to make sure that it provided not only my details, but also explain what my business was, showcase my product and be appealing to the eye.  The concept the designer came up with for me was everything I had envisaged and more! 

Whenever I leave my card anywhere, I place it with the back facing out…my details are on the front, but it is the back that catches attention.

Achieving Dreams

Having spent several years dreaming to start my own business, some days I have to pinch myself to believe that I have done it.  Five years ago had some one asked me what sort of business I wanted to start or even if I seriously thought it was achievable, I would have laughed.

Thankfully, I was paying attention when life presented me an opportunity.  Quite easily, I could sit back now and say “I’ve done it”.  But with growth and achievement comes expanded goals.  I have achieved my goal of “starting” the business.  So now that my goal post has moved, to keep the business moving in an upward and onward motion there is no way I can sit still.

I believe life is a lesson.  Every day we experience challenges, are faced with obstacles, and we are taught something new.  Whether they be small or big influences on our life, it is what we do with each challenge/obstacle/lesson that determines our success or failure.

Those that achieve success are not without failure.  They have simply had the courage to pick themselves up after a fall, regain their composure, catch site of their goal and carry on regardless.

The ability to do this is not easy.  Take each experience and learn from it.  Expect success, you may not get it, but you are more likely to achieve your desired result by focusing on your goal.  You need to feed your mind with both knowledge and empowerment.

One of my favourite places to visit in search of empowerment is Nicole’s blog The Modern Goddess.  While reading today, I discovered Nicole had recently discussed Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Dreams.  She has also quoted a beautiful poem by Valerie Murphy titled “A Women’s Lesson.”

I’ve Been Tagged!

Thanks to Kylie from All Things Scrapbooking I have been tagged.  So, here goes 20 things about me, enjoy…

1. Regular or diet soda. Definitely Regular…diet leaves a real paste’y taste in the mouth…blurgh!

2. Salt or Pepper. Not often, but if I have some it’s a small amount of each.

3. Dogs or cats.  Dogs….cute fluffy ones!  (Clayton’s Cat maybe?)

4. Hot or cold weather. Not too hot and not too cold for me, I’m not partial to extreme temperatures…I like the inbetween of Autumn and Spring!

5. Dieting or exercise. ah….pass?

6. Cooking or doing dishes.  Cooking.  Who really “wants” to do dishes?

7. Sleeping or shopping.  Shopping….ahhh! nothing like a little retail therapy!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. Not a big fan of Lobster, and rarely eat steak out, but if these are the choices then I’d say Outback Steakhouse. 

9. Classical or hip hop music.  I enjoy most styles of music, a little of each is ok.

10. Dancing or playing sports.  Ohh…definitely dancing, dancing really helps me to shake off a bad mood and feel re-energised.

11. Back rub or foot rub.  Can I have both?

12. Fruits or vegetables.  Veges for me thanks!  Unless there are strawberries on offer, then I could be persuaded!

13. Grey’s Anatomy or House. Grey’s Anatomy!

14. Coffee or tea.  Coffee Coffee Coffee.

15. Curling up with a book, or a night out on the town.  I’m a home girl, so definitely the book!

16. Straight or curly hair.  Unfortunately, my hair is an unruly curly wavy frizzy mop (without work), I would so love it to be straight!

17. Skirts or shorts.  Shorts….though definitely a knee or capri length.

18. Burgers/hotdogs or chinese food.  Chinese food.

19. Vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico. Switzerland…..mmmmm chocolate!

20. Sports car or SUV.  SUV….I feel to low to the ground in a sports car!

Why Choose Etched In Memories?

Q: Does Etched In Memories have a kiosk or shop that I can visit?

A: Etched In Memories does not have a physical kiosk or shop.  We are an online store only.  However, we do currently hold a stall at the Hills Craft Market (every 4th Sunday of the Month) in Castle Hill, NSW.  For those local to the area, this provides a way to view some samples in real life, and to place an order in person.

Q: Why don’t we have a shop?

A: Being a work at home mum, being online allows me to work in my own time, around my kids.  Also, having the online store allows us to serve anybody, anywhere, anytime. Customers that may stumble across a kiosk, would most likely not have a photo ready anyway, so would need to go back.  Here you can email your photo direct, or post it to us.  It’s quick, easy and the product is delivered to you.

Q: Why should I buy from Etched In Memories?

A: A personalised gift/item usually holds some sentimental value, therefore I believe a personalised service is required.  I pride myself on customer service and attention to detail.  Each photo and order is given the time it requires to achieve the best possible result.  You will find our prices are very competitive; Standard postage and gift packaging are included free with your pendant;  We have a satisfaction guarantee, a quick turn around time and our site easy to navigate; Just take a look at what some of our customers have had to say!

Etched In Memories values your support, feedback and welcome your comments or questions.  Please feel free to contact us.