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Getting to know me…

Anne from The Tall Poppy and Nicole over at The Modern Goddess have encouraged me to reveal some more about myself with this little game of online tag.

First of all I need to tell you the rule of this tag.

a)  Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

b) The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

c) At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

So… here are my 8 things:

1.  After school I intended on becoming a photographer.  After becoming disheartened, I did a 360 and studied Clerical and Desktop Publishing courses instead.  I did get back to photography, working as an assistant with a Wedding Photographer for about six months.

2.  To save some money, I was a chauffer with a local wedding hire car company (on weekends) for about a year.  I got to drive around in Jaguars…very nice!

3.  Similar to Nicole from The Modern Goddess, I too sang with my school choir in the Opera House when I was in the sixth grade….just in a different year.  Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with singing, so the voice is long past rusty.  These days, my car is my opera house!

4.  When finishing high school, I ditched the traditional “schoolies week” and went to Adelaide by myself to catch up with some family.  I ended up spending several days with my cousin, his girlfriend and their friends (whom I had never met before) on a houseboat on the Murray River. 

5.  My husband and I met at the Karate club we both went to.  I had achieved blue belt, before I stopped going due to an issue with my back.

6.  While holidaying in Nambucca Heads one year my friend and I decided to paint a rock on a break wall near the lagoon…it is a tradition, there are hundreds of painted rocks there.  Unfortunately, the next day proved that the painted rock was not the only achievement of the day.  I had been sitting with my legs in a v shape to one side…the entire right side of each of my legs was badly sunburned.  I looked like I had candy stripe legs for the next 2 weeks!

7.  My favourite book is currently ”Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson.   I am also a bit of a Harry Potter fan, and have yet to read the latest and final edition.

8.  I love to write.  Since my first son was born, I have periodically written down stories about things he has done or my journey through motherhood. 

 Now…I’m not sure I know 8 other people with blogs that haven’t already been tagged.  So, I tag anyone reading this to play this game.  Once you have, be sure to come back and let me know!

Web Sale

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Mmmmm Lollies….

Have you checked out the latest additions to Rainbow Designs Mouthwatering menu?

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Frecklicious, Licorice Lover, Allsorts, and Hungry Hippo are ready to cater to the birthday wishes of your favourite chocoholic or lollyoholic.  But really, who needs an event when treats like this are on offer? 

Christmas Shopping here I come…

With the mass of mid year toy sales upon us, I am loathed to enter the shopping centre and fight the crowds.  However, this is the time of year I traditionally have my kids pick out their toys for “Santa”. We give the toys to the “lady” (the one behind the layby counter) who makes a list (layby docket) and she passes a copy on to Santa. Because we never take the toys home, they know that they have not been bought, and by Christmas, they have forgotten about most of the toys they picked up.

What easier way to pay off Christmas than to do it over a number of weeks beforehand.  Whats better is the layby stores all the gifts so you don’t have to hide them at home.  Which brings me back to those crowds…if only I didn’t have to deal with them.  And of course…you don’t!  In my ever increasing quest to shop from my seat instead of my feet, I have found the perfect solution.

Check out Santa’s Little Helper…here you can shop for all your Christmas gifts and pay them off, as you would a layby and then even better yet, they deliver the lot right to your door leading up to Christmas.

Shopping couldn’t be easier, you can see your per week cost up front, you don’t have to fight the crowds or store the toys and you don’t need to pick them up with kids in tow! Enjoy!

What About Me?

Danni from She-essence writes… “In these days of multi-tasking, high-demand, high-energy lifestyles, it’s all too easy to lose sight of or put second our own needs in response to the needs of others. Be they our partners, our children, our family, friends or colleagues, as women born in the mid-late stages of the 20th Century, we’ve been taught and conditioned to put others first, and ourselves last.”

Even large companies are appealing to women through their marketing campaigns….for example, Kelloggs with their recent “Remember You” slogan for Special K cereal.  Is it just clever marketing aimed at women or are they actually using a strategy of marketing to increase awareness of a growing issue?

Do we really think nothing of spending money on our friends and family but think twice about buying something for ourselves.  Do we really attend to the need of and make time for others, but then neglect to do the same for ourselves? 

What are we thinking?  I know I can be “guilty” of just this.  I feel bad taking time to work, even though that is not “me” time!  Are we nuts?  I think Danni has really hit the nail on the head…we need to identify our own needs and desires and take a moment to put some of these needs and desires into practice.

Take the time to meditate, listen to music, watch your favourite show, get a massage, buy that extra item (for you) that is in your shopping basket even though the price tag seems unjustified or take a moment for yourself to do whatever it takes to make you feel renewed and re-energised. YOU are worth it!

Read the complete article on She-essence.

Entering the Blogosphere

Blogging is a whole new concept for me.  Getting started was a challenge in itself, battling both lack of knowledge and procrastination.  With a little nudge and a bit more time viewing tutorials, I feel like I am getting there.

However, my new found confidence saw me try to make it more personal by adding a bit of my own flair ….and after trying to change my theme, I lost the blog entirely for a day.  Once it came back there was no theme at all, then after 3 days it finally came back to life.  One of these day’s I know I will conquer this beast!

The only other spanner in this works is the actual writing element!  Knowing what to write about and gaining inspiration for posts can be a challenge.  I can easily see how writer’s block (or blogger’s block) can occur.  Thankfully, Kylie of Oz-e-Wahm discussed this recently on her blog.  Her article on Overcoming Bloggers Block had some great tips for keeping topics to write about at hand. 

Gifts to tease…

Shopping from the comfort of your own home is a privilege our generation can enjoy.  No longer are we forced to fight for a parking spot, stand in que’s or mingle with hoardes of other shoppers.  Let alone lug about heavy bags and parcels full of our new found goodies.

Any why would you want to shop anywhere else when you have the best stores right within your own doorstep.   One such store I recommend a visit to is Tonic Gifts.  You are sure to find something to delight, with their vast array of products from jewellery, beauty and body products, books, toys, and even gourmet tea. What’s even better is it will all be delivered right to your door.

Why not check out Michelle’s Tonic blog, where you will find some fantastic articles to read, plus product reviews such as Tease Tea’s, Wild Men’s Spa Wash, and Shizen, Aromababy and Pure Spa body products.