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We are excited to announce the arrival of 3 fantastic new products….

bookmarks_wm.jpg1) Bookmarks… You can now have your pendant attached to a bookmark!  A great gift idea for the avid reader in your midst or simply a fun new way to display your pendant. 

2) Christening Gift Packs… A beautiful keepsake for babies special day.  The gift pack includes a round pendant (as displayed) personalised with your babies photo, name and christening date.  The pendant is placed around the bears neck and all presented in a cute gift box. christeningpk.jpg

bears_wms.jpg3) New Baby Packs… A gorgeous personalised keepsake for new parents!  A cute little bear with your choice of medium pendant shapes.  The bears come in 3 colours (pink, blue or brown).  A great gift for baby showers too!  Just let us know and we will substitute the pendant for a gift voucher that the mum-to-be can redeem once her baby is born.

Get the best result from your Engraving!

Here are a few tips that will assist you in choosing the right photo and shape to ensure you get the best result possible with your next photo engraved pendant…whether that be for a gift or yourself! 

1) Choose a photo that is clear and sharp and has minimal shadowing.

2) If you are scanning your image, please do so at a minimum of 300dpi.  You should be able to adjust this in the options/properties of your scanner controls.

3) Should you be sending 1 or more images that you would like merged together, try to choose pictures that are similar in shape or will fit well together.  This way, once they are merged we can try to make it look as natural as possible.  For example: If one photo shows head and torso, make sure the second/third photo/s show the same.  If the others were completely different such as one only showing a close up of the face, it gives no room to work with and there will be a strong line where one photo finishes, thus producing a cut and paste looking image.

4) Choose a pendant shape that suits your chosen photo and your chosen purpose for the pendant. eg. if your picture is a close up of a face in landscape orientation and you would like to use your pendant on a necklace, this will fit well on a square/circle/heart. However, it would not fit well on a rectangle (hanging in portrait) as the image would crop to a square thus leaving space at the top and bottom of the image on the pendant.  It would however suit a rectangle lying on it’s side if you were to use it as a keyring.

5) Please send the original image file without resizing or modification – as we will crop and adjust your photo to fit your chosen pendant.

Before your pendant is engraved we will adjust your photo to prepare it for engraving.  All backgrounds are removed (unless you specify otherwise) and the image will be cropped to suit the pendant shape chosen.  The lighting in the photo will also be modified where necessary small touch ups may be necessary (e.g. to remove spots/creases off old photo’s etc). 

If there is something in particular that you would like us to do with your photo, please specify at the time of order.  Please keep in mind that we can adjust and modify your picture somewhat, but the end result will be indicative of the quality of the original image.  A blurry image, although quite small on the pendant, will still produce a blurry engraving.

If you are unsure of your photo you are welcome to ask, or forward your photo prior to ordering for our opinion. 

In all cases of image merges, or where heavy modification occurs with your image, a proof will be emailed to you, prior to engraving, for your approval.