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Aged Memories Renewed

Having had a love of photography from a very early age, I always thought I’d end up as a photographer.  Although I ended up choosing a different path, my love and respect for photography is ever present. 

I have often looked in awe at the art of restoring photo’s and been absolutely amazed at just how well they come out.

We recently received some aged photographs to be engraved, so I had the opportunity to try my hand at some minor restoration.  While the deterioration and crackling on the photographs was quite evident, we were able to create 2 beautiful engravings.  Take a look below to see the results.





Beautiful Testimonial, Thank you Stephanie!

Stephanie (from MooBear Designs) and I have been attending the Bizness Babes course together. 

Stephanie started the course nearing 9 months pregnant and she welcomed her new addition at the end of the second week (of the course).  I had the pleasure of arranging one of our photo engraved pendants as a gift and her heartfelt testimonial was so beautiful, I just had to share:

Hey Carolyn,

I just had to let you know that when Carlos got home from work i gave him the parcel you guys gave me to open and as soon as he realised the pendent on the pink bear was of all of us he completely welled up and and said pointing at the pendant “That’s my family!!” in a very proud father voice trying not to cry. He was genuinely touched by the love and effort that went into the pendant as I was, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. We have decided that for now it will stay on the bear and if any of us leaves the family ie. school camp, overnight conferences, sleep overs etc that the pendent go travel with them.
That way it belongs to all of us.

It truely is something very special…

Thank you so kindly from my 3 children, Carlos and I.

Check out the before and after photo’s below: