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A Father’s Day Memory

Father’s Day conjures up images of shopping for dad to add to an ever-increasing collection of argyle socks and ties that he may never wear. Even though Father’s Day has become quite commercialised, it means more than just giving a card or a gift to dad.

It is a time for the family to show their appreciation for their father – not just for bringing home the paycheck but for the boo-boos he kisses, the nappies he changes, the baths he gives and the dinners that he cooks. We can show him how much he has selflessly given of himself by dedicating a day just to him.

It is also a time for dad to appreciate how much his family means to him. A time to reflect on the finger paintings and crayon pictures he receives, the dinners he comes home to and the hours traipsing around shopping malls in search of just the right toy for the children to play with.

As a young girl, I remember the excitement felt whenever I had the chance to spend time with my father on the farm. Whilst he was probably not doing anything more than just going about his regular duties, being with him was what mattered most to me. I can remember my father whistling commands to the dogs as they corralled the sheep into the pens. I held tightly onto his rough and calloused hands as we crossed the paddock to close the gate behind the last of the sheep.

I watched with wide-eyed fascination as my dad wrestled sheep after sheep to get them into just the right position for shearing. I remember the sweat pouring down his forehead as he worked tirelessly shearing one sheep after another pausing occasionally to have a drink of water and give me a smile.

Later we would go back to the house in our old battered ute. I rode in the front, feeling like a princess, with my dad next to me and the dogs barking in the back.

My father’s memory of the same day may be quite different. But no matter which version you listen to, it all comes down to one thing:

“It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.”   Anne Sexton.

Thank you to Michelle Sweeney for this article. Originally from Australia, Michelle writes text and articles for blogs, among other various administrative services via her VA business based in Canada. Please visit: for further samples of her work.

Memories are our Passion

We aim to assist our customers by preserving their precious memories onto a pendant.  Knowing that we can offer such a beautiful keepsake that one can carry close to their heart, bringing a flood of memories, is such a delight.  And there is nothing more gratifying than to hear the lovely stories of awe-struck emotion felt upon receiving such a treasure.

You know, there are moments in life that are worth pure gold!  The kind that we store in our memory bank and will put an instant smile on our face, a tear in our eye or love in our hearts, at the smallest flicker of recollection.  Isn’t it amazing how such a simple memory can stir our emotions! 

For those fleeting moments that happen so spontaneously, we have only the pictures and thoughts in our mind to remember.  But then there are those that we have been fortunate enough to capture in a photograph as a permanent reminder of moments past.

Here in our blog, we plan to share some of our memories with you (from both moments caught on camera and those simply recalled from our memory bank). 

As a mother of two young boys, much of what I share, will come from the experiences I have encountered since becoming a mum (apologies in advance for the yucky bits).  Along with memories from childhood, working life, guest writers and more, we truly hope you enjoy the stories as much as we have enjoyed remembering them! 

YOU too have the opportunity to become one of our guest writers.  We are inviting all our readers, customers and fans to join in by submitting their favourite memories.  All you need to do is write a small recollection of one of your favourite memories or pick a photo and tell us what memories it brings back to you.  Feel free to include a photo if you like (but not a necessity). 

The best two memories received each month will be published on the blog, and our favourite one will win a $20 voucher to spend in our store! 

We will post a submission reminder each month, simply email us your details and stories (and optional photo/s) HERE.

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