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A Special Keepsake


I’m a collector and for many years I have collected boxes of all kinds. My favourite box is the one in which I store all of my favourite and most precious memories: my baby clothes and a couple of toys, a skillet left me by my grandmother, assorted trinkets from loved ones, some postcards and letters from around the world, greeting cards and photographs.

When I was a kid I recall my grand dad having an old steam ship chest in which he stored favourite things and I have great memories of being allowed to rummage in the chest with my grand father, I think this brought about my own love of boxes large, small, old and new.

My grand dad’s trunk had travelled from Ireland with him when he left his family to travel to England for employment. When my grand dad passed, my grand mother took over the trunk. Adding in all of the new generations photos and baby booties and other assorted goodies. When she died the trunk was handed down to another family member.

It is wonderful looking through the memories that have tied my family together from generation to generation.  I would have loved to have something as special as a photo engraved pendant waiting to be discovered underneath all the other treasures but sadly they did  not have the technology back then.

Perhaps that is something special that I can add to the box as I pass it on to the next generation.

Guest post by Janet Drummond.

Testimonials – November 2010

From pets to partners, we loved the feedback we received for the month of November and are amazed at how organised many of you are for the Christmas month.


After a pet passing away i wanted to get a photo engraved so i searched on google and liked the look of your website the most.  It was a gift for my mother who loved it so much she instantly burst into tears when we opened it.  Absolutely loved the key ring, it turned out better than i had imagined! Will definitely be telling all my friends about you because they make an amazing xmas gift. Thanks so much for everything your excellent customer service skills have ensured i will be a return customer.



I was very pleased with the service you provided, I ordered the pendants on Tuesday and they had arrived by Friday. I am very thankful for the quick responses to all my email enquires and the fact that the order had come before Christmas.  Thanks very much, I will highly recommend you to anyone.



The pendant looked fantastic and customer service was outstanding. One very happy customer!!







Thank you for the lovely work you did, especially with all the phone calls back and forth! My husband loved the keyring – it looks great! Your contactability, willingness to help and prompt service was so refreshing!  Thank you again!



The entire experience with etched memories has been great. Great reliable service and assistance when I needed it. Even though you do it for a living, you were happy to clarify each step with me to satisfy my needs. Fantastic product and very quick turn around, living in WA I was pleased to receive the completed order within 7 days of completing the order.  I am extremely satisfied and have already passed out the business cards.



The pendant arrived on Thursday and we are all absolutely stunned at how well it turned out.  We gave it to Mum yesterday and she loves it.   I really want to thank you for all of your efforts in having the pendant done so quickly – it is very much appreciated.



I am thrilled with my product and I will be buying again.



I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful service. i have ordered 2 pendants in 1 month as I am absolutely amazed and in love with how beautiful they have turned out…thank you.



Thank you for a lovely job, i can now keep a picture of my dear mum close to me at all times, thank you again.



THANKS VERY MUCH got my bracelet today LOVE it THANKS again :)



Corporate Gifts, Anyone?

Have you ever thought about using promotional gifts as an effective branding tool? A good brand ensures that everyone who sees things related to your business, such as your logo and your product, will immediately associate quality with your business.

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Gifts create goodwill and bring your business closer to your customers. You can win the trust of potential customers because everything you wish to portray about your brand is encapsulated in these promotional gifts.

Taking the time to choose something really unique, and to get a creative marketing message across, will help prove to your customers that you can indeed deliver high quality products and services.

bbEtched In Memories® offers a large range of pendant shapes and have engraved many other metal surfaces for businesses, these include: Zippo lighters, watches and business card holders etc.  Suitable items need to be perfectly flat, no thicker than 20mm and no wider than 80x80mm.  If you have something in mind as a unique corporate gift, that you would like to personalize, our staff are here to discuss the options with you.

One of the major advantages of using promotional gifts is that you have a great degree of control over whom you want to send the gifts to. This allows you to choose your target prospects or customers very carefully.

A carefully chosen gift from you to your clients will give them something useful to remember you by.