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Photo Engraving.

A Photo Engraving is one of those wonderful gift ideas that will leave everyone else thinking “I wish I had thought of that!”

It’s a really lovely way of presenting a person’s image on a personalised keepsake that is classically stylish and original.

You can supply the image of your choice, even if there are other people in the original photograph and because the focus is on recreating images of people, any background images will be cropped out of the picture before it is engraved.

Each item is hand made to order so you can freely discuss your creative ideas about different metals, and because most flat metal surfaces can be etched  there are so many different gifts that you can have engraved.

Your photo will be etched into the surface of the metal, so although it’s not indestructible, with regular care and cleaning it is a gift that will last for many years to come.

Pendants and key rings are both popular choices as both sides can be engraved, and keep in mind that more than one person can be included in an image.

Supplying the photograph and making payment can all take place online (or by traditional mail if you prefer) and the price includes delivery of the finished engraving to anywhere in Australia.

These make perfect gifts for Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts and Uncles, for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Naming Days, Christenings – just about anything!

Testimonials – January 2011

Kelly provided us with some very touching and heartfelt feedback.


I have only few photos of my little boy as he passed away. So having these pendants mean a great deal. Thank you they are absolutely beautiful.



A Valentine’s Memory

The diary was old and stained.  The edges of every page had been darkened by the fingers turning each page over many years.  A period of my nana’s life was captured here within the pages filled with faded ink and copperplate writing. 

I found this diary years ago when I was too young to understand what it meant.  To me it was the story of love gone missing and, although sad, didn’t mean much to me.  It was only as I grew up that I began to understand that the person who lost her love was my nanna.

Inside the diary there was a photo of a man in uniform.  He was handsome in that old fashioned and military way.  On the back it had a name – Robert.  I realised that this was the same name as that of the lost lover in that sad story.   This was the man who had left his woman weeping at the dock as his ship sailed away.  This was the man who had gone not knowing that his woman was pregnant. This was the man who had gone to war and not returned.  This was the grandfather that I had never met.

Also inside the diary there was a letter sent from the Middle East, folded neatly and tucked into the binding. 

“I met you on Valentine’s Day and I married you on Valentine’s Day.  Now, on this day I am at war and far from your loving arms.  If anything should happen to me, never forget to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I will still be with you even if only in spirit.”

My nanna has never forgotten her love.  It was short but blissful and was never to be repeated. 

A few years before she died we bought her an engraved pendant with the image of his face taken from that sad old photo.  It bought tears of joy to her eyes and she wore it always.  She left it to me when she died because she knew that I understood.  She knew that I lived the tale with her.  

That pendant bought her much joy in those last few years.  It was the one thing that she took with her wherever she went.  It was such a simple and inexpensive gift but it was worth the world to her.

If you have someone special in your life, or someone around you does, think about saving the image as an etched portrait pendant.  It will never fade away.

(guest’s story)