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Best Friends Forever

When we think of keepsakes we often associate them with the older generation.  I don’t know why we do that.

When I look around me I see lots of teenage girls who hang around together in groups.  I listen to them talk and hear the way they call each other BFF’s.  That means Best Friend Forever. 

Thinking back to my own teenage years, I know that many of those BFF’s will indeed be BFF’s for life.  I am still very close to the girls from my teenage years and I know many other girls who are still as tight a unit now as they were then.

That made me think about what a wonderful gift an etched pendant could be.  Can you picture it?  On the pendant there is an image of the two or three BFF’s, cuddling together with laughing eyes and big smiles.  What if you were to give them each a pendant with that image on it?  Wouldn’t that be something that is truly precious to them? 

In the years to come, they will be able to look at the pendant and relive the joy of that friendship.

I think it would be the perfect gift for any group of BFF’s in your life.

(image by doriana_s)

Testimonials – February 2011

A big thank you to our amazing customers – you give us plenty to smile about each and every month.


Thank you so much Carolyn! I received my pendants today! They are beautiful! You did such a lovely job! Thanks for the fast postage too! So glad to have them so quickly! xo


So happy with the service and professional product I received…. so personal and sentimental.


Excellent customer service, product and follow-up. Thanks Carolyn.


Thanks for that. I just wanted to let you know that he loved the gift, he will not even use it as of yet, he has it hanging in the key hook. Thanks again will be using you again.


Thanks – I love it – will have to think of more ways to use this for more family!


Remembering Your Pets

The unconditional love of a pet is one of the purest forms of friendship and so many pets easily become precious family members.

When a pet passes away we grieve as deeply as we do when we lose a human member of our family.  The memories of a special pet’s love and loyalty are something that we cherish forever. 

We have lost special pets over the years so we understand exactly how you feel.  Now you can carry a special reminder of your beloved four-legged friend with you, as an engraved pendant or key ring that preserves their image.

We can engrave a quality image of your pet from a photograph that you provide, creating a worthy keepsake in their memory.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who has lost a beloved pet, or has been unable to keep their pet when they have moved into care facilities or accommodation where pets are not allowed.

Pendants and key rings can be engraved on both sides and more than one person or pet can be included in each image. The image is etched into the surface of the metal and no paints or dyes are used in the process.

If you want only certain parts of a photo used in the engraving, we can professionally crop out other parts of the picture and all photographs are returned to our customers with the completed engravings.

We will work with you to create a unique and quality memory piece of your pet that you can treasure for years to come.