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Gift Packs

Sometimes gift-giving is such a challenge for some people – like me!  I often take a long time thinking of the best gift and one that would be useful to the recipient.  It can be even harder to choose a gift for babies because you know that they will be showered with gifts from friends and family.

That’s why gift packs like ours are such a great idea.  They are convenient and eliminate the time you would usually spend searching for the perfect gift.

What parent wouldn’t love our etched silver or gold pendants which include the baby’s name and date of christening or birth on the back?  Not only is this unique but it can also become a keepsake or heirloom piece in the future.

Along with the name and date of birth or christening, the pendant may contain the image of the baby taken from the first photo.  Or, why not use an imprint of the baby’s hands and feet as the etching? 

Our gift packs include the personalised pendant which comes attached to a blue, pink or brown teddy bear.  It is a round (27 x 27 mm) pendant which allows plenty of room for a christening design with text and photo on front side of the pendant and name and date on the reverse. 

A personalised pendant will be something that the parents treasure forever and something unique that they can pass on to their child in adulthood.

Easter Memories

Easter is a warm and wonderful time in my memory.  It was a wonderful occasion that we shared with friends and extended family.  It was loud and colourful and filled with those shiny chocolate treasures that we all loved.

One of the best parts of Easter was counting up how many eggs we were given.  Once we went back to school after the holiday we could take part in the general boasting about how many we had.  I remember the faces of the other children as they laughed about the sheer quantity of chocolate they had eaten.

These days I still love Easter.  I love egg hunts and don’t tell anyone, but I also love those giant powder pawprints that pop up around schools and homes.  I think I still have the heart of a child.

I hope that my children grow up with as many happy Easter memories as I have.

What is your favourite Easter memory?