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Time To Take Stock

November to February is a particularly busy time of year for us what with the build up to Christmas, followed quickly by Valentine’s Day.  So now that these two huge retail events have subsided and the last of the Valentine’s chocolates have been eaten, we thought we would take a look at some of our favourite blog posts.

Special moments and occasions are celebrated every day at Etched In Memories each time an order comes in.  It certainly goes to show that we don’t necessarily need a holiday or special day to show how much we care.

The personalised pendants we create are somewhat similar to photographs which are centred around a special event or moment and create fabulous memories for both the giver and receiver.  Our memories are extremely important to us as individuals, as is the notion of remembering.  Remembering what, you might ask!  Douglas Pagel sums it up perfectly.

What is evident from our customers and their respective orders is the amount of love that is shared – regardless of the occasion.  We see it all!  From the celebration of births, the remembering of pets, the honouring of fathers and mothers to wedding proposals.  It is hard to not get caught in the whirlwind of excitement that our products create – particularly when we receive great feedback such as this.

To finish, here is a great quote by James Womack – sometimes we just need a little reminder.  You never know where your dreams may take you!

The Proposal

Valentine’s Day is approaching and not only is it the perfect time to affirm your love, it can be the perfect backdrop to the “marriage proposal”.

Flowers, champagne and getting down on one knee is the standard, safe option for popping the question, but it may or may not be the thing for YOUR beloved.

If you are planning on proposing, then start listening and taking notice of her likes and dislikes.  Sit and watch a couple of chick flicks with her – My Best Friend’s Wedding, Love Actually, 27 Dresses, to name a few.  How does she react to the proposals, bridesmaids dresses and the like?  Or what is she saying about her friends or work colleagues and their impending nuptials?  You’ll get a few answers in there.

If she is the sentimental romantic type, hiding the ring in her dessert, whilst clichéd is also incredibly romantic and unexpected.  Be original, however…the ring in the champagne glass has been overdone.

Find out what she likes; is she sporty and trains for hockey three times a week?  Does she rock climb or bushwalk?  Is she into scrapbooking or photography?  Or does she love to sit down quietly and read?  Is she likely to enjoy a picnic, or loath them due to creepy crawlies?

Women LOVE to feel special, and this also applies to the “how he proposed” stories when they’re with their girlfriends; they want something unique, and definitely romantic.

Climbing to her favourite rocky outcrop and proposing (on one knee, of course) amongst the clouds may be more her thing than frocking up and sitting down to an expensive meal, romantic though it may be.

Maybe she’d be blown away by your having crafted the proposal between the pages of her scrapbooking album?  Or written on a cake, with the ring safely inside?

Listen, observe and use your amazing imagination to create something unique and special; you will not only remember it, you will be inspired each and every time you do remember it.