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Gifts For The New Baby

If you are like most parents, you have a special item belonging to each child tucked away to keep safe now that they have outgrown it. Often it is a special toy or something that holds a particular memory.

Me? I kept all the cards we received on the birth of my children and I also kept the little gifts we were given to celebrate their birth. It is such a magical stage of life that I didn’t want to forget any of it.

It didn’t take long to be sucked into the routine of our new lives once the babies came home. Feeding, changing, burping, getting baby to sleep, then doing it again the next day and the next…suddenly it was our child’s first birthday and I wondered what had happened to that last 12 months.

As you can probably guess, I am a sentimental person. I treasure every little memory shared with my children but I admit that I still go back to that safe hiding place sometimes. I pull out the little birth gifts and hold them close. I smell the newborn baby smell that still lingers and it brings those days back to me. It is an emotional experience.

That is why we put so much thought into our newborn baby gifts. We chose the teddy bears because every baby should have a teddy but we also chose them because they are so good to cuddle when you want to relive your child’s days as a newborn. They are a soft, squishy armful.

We also include a photo engraved pendant as a permanent remembrance of your child’s first days. So, while you have that special hug from the teddy bear, you can shed a few tears as you look down at the face of your newborn once again.

We think this is the perfect gift for the new baby (well, for you, really.)

Using Photographs To Stimulate Memories For People With Alzheimers

People with Alzheimers will often lose recent experiences and memories first while long term memories, feelings and experiences still exist but can sometimes be hard to connect into.  Learning to communicate with someone with Alzheimers can be both challenging and frustrating yet you can use some simple and effective methods to achieve this.

One very effective method is through the use of photographs from the person’s past.  These photographs can relate to their younger years, significant events as well as pictures of family and friends.

Have a look through the clip below.  It is a great example of the impact using photographs can have.

It is sad to see someone you love lose their memory but isn’t it wonderful to know that you can still reach them, even if it’s through the path of long ago.