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Photo FAQs

Most of the questions that I am asked are to do with the images people want etched into their pendant or gift. While there is a lot of information on our FAQ page, I thought I’d work through them here, too.

What size photo do you need?

Any size up to A4 is suitable. Digital images should be sent in their original size (without adjustment, resizing or modification). That gives us the best chance of being able to crop or alter your image for the best results.

What quality does my photo need to be?

A clear, sharp photo with good lighting will provide the best result. We will crop and adjust your photo to suit the pendant, so please send the photo in its original size. If you are scanning your photo, please do so at a minimum of 200dpi. If you are unsure, you are welcome to email your photo to us prior to placing your order.

The clearer your image is, the clearer the etching will be. The definition is important and so is the dark and light shading.

Can you combine people from 2 different photos?

Yes, we can merge your images so that they engrave together on the one pendant. Please add an Image Merge to your shopping basket and let us know which people from your images you want merged.

People aren’t always convenient enough to be in the same place at the same time and even if they are, there is no guarantee they will both take a flattering photo. We will happily combine images so you have the memory piece you want.

Can you remove the background from my photo?

Yes, we remove the background from all photos prior to engraving. This removes any distractions in the image and puts the focus on the faces. If there is anything in the background that is significant to the memory you are preserving, please advise us at the time of order.

Backgrounds can sometimes dominate images especially if it is dark. Faces and contrasts tend to disappear into the background.

I hope that has cleared up some of your questions. Always feel free to contact us if your question has not been answered.

Do You Have Photos Or Just Digital Memories?

I was chatting with a friend during the week. She had recently been to a family reunion which was held interstate. Because travel was expensive she went alone, leaving her children at home with their father.

She had a great time and loved seeing her family members again, especially her grandparents whom she hadn’t seen for a couple of years. The only problem was that she didn’t have photos of her children with her in printed form. Like most of cousins, all her photos were digital. She had plenty of photos to share but she could only do it by handing over her phone.

Now, in this situation her phone probably won’t be lost or stolen but I wouldn’t be too keen to pass it over in many other settings, would you? Not only do you lose the phone but you lose all those precious memories stored on it.

Her biggest regret was not having real photos to share with her grandparents. When she handed her phone to her grandmother she had to explain how to use it and even once she mastered it, the photos weren’t big enough to be seen clearly. The phone had to be handed from one grandparent to the other for each photo.

Printed photos are bigger and easier to see for elderly people. They are in a format they understand and each can be viewed individually and then handed to the next person. Above all, as her grandmother said, holding a photo in your hands seems to connect you with the person you are looking at in a way a digital image can’t. Try it yourself. Hold a digital image in one hand and a photo in the other and see which one has most impact on you.

While keeping your images in digital format can be convenient, sometimes it’s worth printing them out. Choose your photos and choose your occasions. Old memories can make new ones if the format is right.