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Father’s Day – 5 Things We Love About Dads

At Etched In Memories we hear many fabulous stories about dad and how special dads in general can be – for many reasons. There are a few reasons however which keep cropping up over and over (much to our surprise) and we thought we would share these with you.

1. Dad Jokes

Dads in general seem to be known for their bad sense of humour or humour which is often at the expense or embarrassment of the child (regardless of their age). Even though this is the case, for the most part – the kids seem to love their dad because or even in spite of it. They may outwardly cringe at the jokes dad makes but without them – well it just wouldn’t be the dad they know and love.

2. Protective Dads

This one is particularly true when it comes to daddy’s little girl; what girl hasn’t heard their dad make a joke about how dad has to approve of the new boyfriend beforehand or how the men have to get daddy’s permission before he wants to marry his little princess. Again cringeworthy especially as the daughter enters the dating stage but for the most part dad is especially loved because we know how much he cares. And for that we are grateful.

3. Rough and Tumble Games

When mum is away, let the games begin. Dads have a special way of allowing kids to be kids and connect with them in a way which is special and memorable. Mums might not like it but children enjoy the rough and tumble play on the floor and enjoy the thrill of the chase as dad comes barrelling down on them. And as for those tickle spots…look out!

4. Dad’s Meals

Many of you love dad for their cooking ability – and we are not talking the well balanced healthy meals that mum opts for. You guys love dad for their pancake and eggs and bacon ability – the meals that seem to create a strong and delicious bond between father and child. And seconds are always available if dad is cooking.

5. Dad’s Dress Sense

Remember when dad wore that outfit that was just totally embarrassing and even today it makes you shake your head in horror. But if you think about it long enough a smile will soon develop on your face when you remember dear old dad in ‘that outfit’. We love our dads “just because” – not because he is a trendsetter or even remotely cool (oh how we wished!).

Maybe not your top 5 list – but dads have a unique way of entering our hearts and heads without really trying. Do you have a special or memorable story about your dad?


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