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It’s Baby Season!

There is nothing more exciting and joyful than the expected arrival of a new baby. No matter if it’s the first, second, third or however many, every new little baby is just so special.

As a mother of three, I have made the decision that my baby days have now come to an end. But thankfully this just means that I get to spoil everyone else who is having babies! And it really does seem like baby season around here at the moment. There seems to be an abundance of pregnant people in my family and friends alone, all getting ready for their new arrivals at the end of this year.

The end of 2013 will be a super festive season…what a great time for extra celebrations at Christmas and New Year, with the addition of all these newborn babies. So not only do I need to think of presents for Christmas, but also some special gifts for the new arrivals.

The cutest and most special gift would have to be a photo engraved on a pendant. At Etched In Memories we offer a gorgeous new baby gift package featuring a teddy bear (blue, pink or brown) and an attached pendant. The pendant includes a photo engraved on the front and text engraved on the back. I have even seen the cutest little footprints carefully taken from a new baby and etched right onto the pendant.

These gifts are not just for newborns however, they are also great for christenings and other special momentous occasions.

This gift creates such a long lasting and memorable keepsake for any new parent which will remain special for years to come…because we all know that they grow up far too fast!

Perfect Your Images

We have noticed that with cameras being so readily accessible, particularly with the increase of use of cameras on mobile phones, it is so easy to reach for those close to hand rather than to pull out a proper camera that is going to give you a much better image.

From our perspective at Etched In Memories, we require your images to be of excellent quality and perfect clarity, worthy of the memories you are capturing. The recent trend however is that many people don’t seem to take into account their surrounding or positioning for photos, so the photographs seem to be poorly lit (either too dark or way overexposed). Other photos just seem to be out of focus, not framed well or badly cropped.

With the current digital technology where it is so simple to instantly view and share an image, you would think that if an image was flawed, the photographer would immediately correct it. However this seems to be no longer the case. People are capturing and sharing their images regardless of whether the lighting is so dark you can barely make out the faces, or whether there is so much movement that the image is all blurry.

As we see so many of these kind of imperfect captures being shared on social media (selfies, mirrored reflections, quick snaps at social events, family gatherings, photos of babies and children, etc) maybe we just don’t notice the imperfections anymore. When these shots come through from our customers, it is so hard to have to hear their disappointment when we tell them the image is not really suitable for engraving, especially when their image may be the only memory they have from a certain time or of a loved one.

In this day and age of digital photography where everyone is a “photographer”, we encourage you to take your instant shots as they are fun, quick and. However, periodically we recommend you take the time to pull out your better camera and take some time with your shots. Or if photography is not your thing, invest in your memories with a professional, so that you have some great photographs to regularly capture your family and life. That way when you look back over your photos, you have memories that are clear and beautiful, and of a quality that can be reproduced well to give you a gorgeous item worth displaying.

Remember, you have the opportunity to do-over your shot immediately if you haven’t got it right the first time, and let’s face it, do-overs are not a luxury you get much in life – so cherish the moment and make sure you have a memory worth keeping.