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Creating Halloween Memories With A Halloween Party

Halloween is becoming more of a tradition in Australia each year as children want to dress up as their favourite characters and go trick-or-treating. While it can be terribly stressful for the mums as they have to somehow make or find the character costume of choice, the memories that are created are priceless.

If you don’t particularly like the fact that the children are going door to door, then you might want to consider hosting a Halloween party. This allows the kids to still have some party fun and showcase their wonderful costumes to their friends.

Bobbing for apples is always a fun game for the kids and at least ensures they get one piece of fruit on a day which is essentially reserved for candy and chocolate. However there are many other fun alternatives.

What about pass the parcel “mummy” style. In this version each person gets to wrap the end of the toilet paper around a body part (an arm, forehead, waist, ankle and so on) until they find a prize.  Or how about pin the bow tie on the skeleton which looks like a lot of fun or a masked Halloween version of Blind Man’s Bluff?

A creative Halloween menu is also a great way to celebrate the event.  This Halloween version of pigs in a blanket will be remembered long after the event and the mummy cakes and icing wands are sure to go down a treat!

For some added fun, you might want to let the kids take control of the camera and see what “horrifyingly terrific” pictures they can come up with.  That way the memories will be captured for all to see and shared over and over again.

Chasing Rainbows

I recently found myself captivated by the online journal of an American woman, a mother. Calling it a ‘blog’ seems a little heartless.

It is the often uplifting and inspirational, sometimes normal, sometimes heartbreaking writings of a woman who experienced several miscarriages. It consists of the journey she and her husband endured with heartbreak and misfortune after misfortune with their first born son; diagnosed with a plethora of disorders and physical challenges requiring therapy and rehabilitation each day.

She has another son, and also tells of the loss of her third child, and first daughter at just past five months gestation.

Sadly, she lost her first born only recently at the age of not-quite-six.

That she continues despite her seemingly relentless ‘bad luck’ – although that term, too, sounds most heartless – is admirable and inspirational.

She – Kate – is a stark reminder of that which we often prefer to push to the back of our minds, that which we do not wish to contemplate yet that is a plain reality of life; we never know what it has in store for us, nor how long we will have someone in our lives.

Although it can never make up for the loss of one you love so much, I’m glad she has some memories and keepsakes of these angels of hers.

Her journal is just one of those keepsakes, a living keepsake. With this and other keepsakes, she is able to keep her angels close to her heart and keep their memories alive.