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New Apps For Storing Your Photos

You’ve got so many digital photos you’re not exactly sure where they all are, much less feel confident that they are stored safely enough if you lose your phone or your PC or Mac crashes.

Thankfully, technology has provided you with a safety net, and there are a number of apps available that enable you to upload your photos offsite and online, so you always have a backup.

Some apps, such as iCloud and Loom are compatible only with Apple products (iPad, iPhone, Mac etc) although Loom is also accessible on the web. Both allow you to upload from your device and offer a photo stream, with the iCloud also allowing for sharing on social networks as well as having a print service attached if you are so inclined.

Apple products as well as android devices have access to services like Google +, Flickr, Dropbox, Skydrive, Picturelife and SmugMug.

Apps like Flickr, are more suited to photo sharing and viewing, where Dropbox is great for photo storage and keeping your photos safe in case of fire or theft of your device or desktop.

Dropbox also enables you to share your files and folders with others, but does not publish your photos to the web. You can, however, share your photos on social media networks from Dropbox. All these options also work effectively on the web, and with Windows software on your PC.

Choosing the best app for your photo storage really depends on what your requirements are; for safe, external storage and sorting of your images, or to share with family and friends interstate and oversees.

All options are relatively affordable, depending on how many photos you need to store and/or want to display online.

Whichever route you choose to take, I definitely recommend that you make sure they’re backed up somewhere safe so you don’t lose these precious memories forever.

Memories, Photos And Dreams

Captured memories
stare back at me
from the pictures in this book
happy smiles
set against blue skies
vacations taken when we were young
the dreams of childhood
forgotten for awhile
then remembered with a rueful smile
I wanted to be an astronaut
a dancer
a fireman
an actress of the first order
my name in lights
my feet on the stage
easy life
but, those were just childish dreams
never worked for
never realized
but tucked away
here in my book of
and dreams

by Carra Wilmoth