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Footprints Nursery Photography

I’d love to introduce you to our sister business, Footprints Nursery Photography.  When you want to create a memory, ask a professional photographer for help.

Few events are as precious, or fleeting, in our lives than that of welcoming a new member to our family. As your precious new child develops and grows in the womb and then is born into our world, he or she is changing rapidly each and every day.  Why not celebrate these treasured moments in your family by capturing these images forever in the form of photographs and videos?

As parents ourselves, we understand just how excited and proud you are of this new life that you’ve been entrusted with. We even remember that bit of nerves that you are probably feeling as you hold your children in your arms for the first few times. We know from experience, just how surprised you will be when you first discover how quickly your child changes as the days, weeks and months pile up. Trust us when we tell you how very important it is to capture these candid moments while you can.

As the years go by, our memories may falter, but a durable, high quality photograph can help you to preserve and retain your first treasured moments with your child so that you will have a record that will last a lifetime.

That’s why we offer a full range of professional boutique photographic services to ensure that we can help you to capture and preserve this special time. We are happy to schedule your child’s first filming date while you are still in the hospital, or from the comfort of your own home.  We have a full range of mobile backdrops and professional props, and can also use some of your baby’s first toys if you prefer, to make your baby’s photos even more special and meaningful to you and your family.

We offer a full range of packages at very reasonable prices to help you safeguard your child’s first moments as well as offer a secure means of sharing pictures of your child across social media so that other close family members and friends can see just how lovely your child already is. Why not contact us today to discover more about how we can help you to secure the memories of your child’s entry into the world?

The Keepsake Box

The idea of a keepsake box has been around for many, many years. Hundreds of years.

Traditionally made from wood, and the more special amongst them handcrafted, perhaps by a special person in one’s life, they kept the most precious of mementoes. Not those that were of any sort of monetary value, but those that held great sentimental worth.

When storage was scarce it was the mementoes of special events; weddings and christenings, or the birth of a child. Often the boxes were given as a gift at any or all of these events.

I think this poem by Maria Mazziotti Gillan succinctly encompasses the specialness of the keepsake box on so many levels.

rising out of it when I opened it. I loved the feel of the
burnished wood under my fingers, the box that would keep my
tender secrets for years. So much in our lives is like that, we
love and love and love an object and then one day

With photographs hard to come by, and saved for exceptionally special occasions, I imagine the boxes would have been the perfect vessel to keep and protect such images and memories.

More recently, the boxes are used for other events that, until only recently, were considerably taboo. Funerals and the memories of treasured people and the sad incidence of still birth and the memory of what could have been can be kept safely encapsulated in a gorgeous wooden box.

If we think of wars long past, the keepsake box may well have been the place to keep a token and reminder, however small, of a person loved and now gone.

This line in the same poem highlights just how valuable items like a keepsake box are, for our memories and to enable us, even for a moment, a reflection of a moment that was so incredibly special to us. It allows us to be in touch with a person we loved, or a moment that we treasured so greatly.

it disappears, and we don’t notice as though there were a
canyon in the middle of the world where all those lost loves
go. It is like that with people too. So now, when I hear your
voice on the phone, that trembling, rasping it has become

Do you have a keepsake box? What do you keep in yours?

The poem quoted can be read here