I’ve Been Tagged!

Thanks to Kylie from All Things Scrapbooking I have been tagged.  So, here goes 20 things about me, enjoy…

1. Regular or diet soda. Definitely Regular…diet leaves a real paste’y taste in the mouth…blurgh!

2. Salt or Pepper. Not often, but if I have some it’s a small amount of each.

3. Dogs or cats.  Dogs….cute fluffy ones!  (Clayton’s Cat maybe?)

4. Hot or cold weather. Not too hot and not too cold for me, I’m not partial to extreme temperatures…I like the inbetween of Autumn and Spring!

5. Dieting or exercise. ah….pass?

6. Cooking or doing dishes.  Cooking.  Who really “wants” to do dishes?

7. Sleeping or shopping.  Shopping….ahhh! nothing like a little retail therapy!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. Not a big fan of Lobster, and rarely eat steak out, but if these are the choices then I’d say Outback Steakhouse. 

9. Classical or hip hop music.  I enjoy most styles of music, a little of each is ok.

10. Dancing or playing sports.  Ohh…definitely dancing, dancing really helps me to shake off a bad mood and feel re-energised.

11. Back rub or foot rub.  Can I have both?

12. Fruits or vegetables.  Veges for me thanks!  Unless there are strawberries on offer, then I could be persuaded!

13. Grey’s Anatomy or House. Grey’s Anatomy!

14. Coffee or tea.  Coffee Coffee Coffee.

15. Curling up with a book, or a night out on the town.  I’m a home girl, so definitely the book!

16. Straight or curly hair.  Unfortunately, my hair is an unruly curly wavy frizzy mop (without work), I would so love it to be straight!

17. Skirts or shorts.  Shorts….though definitely a knee or capri length.

18. Burgers/hotdogs or chinese food.  Chinese food.

19. Vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico. Switzerland…..mmmmm chocolate!

20. Sports car or SUV.  SUV….I feel to low to the ground in a sports car!

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