Achieving Dreams

Having spent several years dreaming to start my own business, some days I have to pinch myself to believe that I have done it.  Five years ago had some one asked me what sort of business I wanted to start or even if I seriously thought it was achievable, I would have laughed.

Thankfully, I was paying attention when life presented me an opportunity.  Quite easily, I could sit back now and say “I’ve done it”.  But with growth and achievement comes expanded goals.  I have achieved my goal of “starting” the business.  So now that my goal post has moved, to keep the business moving in an upward and onward motion there is no way I can sit still.

I believe life is a lesson.  Every day we experience challenges, are faced with obstacles, and we are taught something new.  Whether they be small or big influences on our life, it is what we do with each challenge/obstacle/lesson that determines our success or failure.

Those that achieve success are not without failure.  They have simply had the courage to pick themselves up after a fall, regain their composure, catch site of their goal and carry on regardless.

The ability to do this is not easy.  Take each experience and learn from it.  Expect success, you may not get it, but you are more likely to achieve your desired result by focusing on your goal.  You need to feed your mind with both knowledge and empowerment.

One of my favourite places to visit in search of empowerment is Nicole’s blog The Modern Goddess.  While reading today, I discovered Nicole had recently discussed Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Dreams.  She has also quoted a beautiful poem by Valerie Murphy titled “A Women’s Lesson.”

2 Responses to “Achieving Dreams”

  • Nicole says:

    Thanks Carolyn :) It is so important that we learn from our experiences and from others around us so we can move forward. Congrats on achieving one of your dreams – starting your own business. Good luck with your other dreams – I have no doubt you’ll achieve all of them.

  • Michelle says:

    Great goals Carolyn!! They will keep moving as you keep growing so it is always good to readdress them.

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