Do you stand out in a crowd?

Individuality, imagination and creativity go a long way in defining a business.  Not just in product or service but also in presentation.  Yes, you need to provide a memorable service or have that niche product to entice your customer’s to return.  But what have you got going for you to drive them to your store to start with? 

I noticed Anne, writer of The Tall Poppy blog, had written a post about business cards.  She wrote, “How can you stand out in the crowd if your business card looks just the same as all the others? Your business card should be truly memorable and reflect you and your business.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis is so true, I asked myself this very question when I was having my business card designed.  I wanted to make sure that it provided not only my details, but also explain what my business was, showcase my product and be appealing to the eye.  The concept the designer came up with for me was everything I had envisaged and more! 

Whenever I leave my card anywhere, I place it with the back facing out…my details are on the front, but it is the back that catches attention.

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