Take A Great Photo For Engraving

If you are thinking of getting a photo engraved onto a pendant for yourself, or as a gift, here are some tips on shooting your photograph(s) for the best result! Firstly, think about what you want from the engraving; is it to be an oval necklace pendant or a rectangular key ring? Try to match up your engraving idea with your shooting ideas and styles.

Make sure your backgrounds are simple and that the lighting is not so strong as to cast shadows. Most importantly ensure your photograph is clear and sharp.

If shooting indoors, you can use lighting and light reflectors to lessen the shadows. If shooting in natural light choose the “golden hours”, that is, when the sun is coming up or going down as this provides you with a soft golden light that is flattering to outdoor portraits.

If you are taking more than one image that you would like to have the engraver merge, try to match the images and make them of a similar shape, size and quality. If you take just the head and shoulders of one person, then make sure you take just the head and shoulders of the second person. The engraver will have the requisite skill to then6 make these photographs merge quite naturally on the pendant.

Will you use film or digital photography? These days digital photography allows the original file to be provided to the engraver. Whilst film photography is fine to shoot with, it is possible you will then need to scan your non-digital image into a digital format, a minimum of 300dpi is recommended.

If you follow these tips you should come up with some GREAT photography to be used by your chosen engraver. And finally, don’t forget to have fun with your photography!!!

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