Watch The Family Grow

If you have children, you will know how fast they can grow. And it is almost impossible to cherish every moment as life, schedules and deadlines often get in the way. Regular annual photographs are a great way to build a story of your family.

Taking photographs and capturing your memories is getting easier and cheaper as technology progresses. No longer do we need to be concerned about the cost of developing, only to be dismayed by the quality of the photographs. And nor do we need to be worried about our photographs fading over time as digital photographs can last forever if stored correctly. Photograph books allow for easy capturing of a year in time and taking annual photographs will enable you to showcase your lives together.

As I was browsing the internet I came across a number of families who had been taking annual photos of themselves since the 70s with fantastic results, two of which are listed below.

• Since the 1970s the Goldberg’s take annual headshots of the family members to see how they change each year.

• Here 4 sisters have been photographed together since 1975.

These examples are not the classic happy family shots you would imagine but rather just natural shots of the family together showing how they age and grow year after year. What an achievement!

Build up your memories with regular photo shoots and create your own piece of history.

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