What Do You Remember About Your Mum?

What do you remember about your mum? Most mums have had a significant role and impact in our lives and have had a huge role in our mental, physical and emotional development. On one hand they may be the authoritive task master demanding we pick up our clothes, clean our bedrooms and clean up our mess. Yet on the other hand they are the ones who have helped when we have fallen over, listened to us when a relationship has ended and provided unconditional love and support no matter what.

The memory of your mum may also relate to a particular smell. Who remembers playing outside and smelling the meal your mum is cooking knowing that the yell to come inside for dinner was about to interrupt your play time with your friends? Even your clothes had a unique smell that came from the washing powder but it still seemed to be special as your mum washed it slightly different to everyone else.

Even the way the meals were made by your mum can bring back key memories. Those peas that came with the roast had just the right amount of mushiness that made them extra tasty, the vegemite sandwich always seemed to have just the right combination and mix of butter and vegemite that meant you didn’t want to swap it for a lolly with your friend at school.

How have you captured that memory? Do you still have copies of letters that you may have written to each other when you were travelling, maybe you have photos from when you graduated from University or pictures of your children with their grandma that will last forever and be the lasting memory for your children.

Obviously the way you have remembered your mum is personal and unique. At Etched in Memories we can assist you to capture that particular moment in your life with your mother so the memory is everlasting.

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