Telling Stories

Life is a collection of stories.  It’s the tale of yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow.  You may not realise it but you are currently building up your repertoire of tales which will one day enthrall your children and grandchildren.

One of the biggest regrets most people have when they lose a friend or family member is not listening to the stories which made up that person.  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – a very true statement.

Stories don’t have to be adventures or epics.  More often than not the most special story is one from daily life.  It’s the little glimpse into the soul of a person and the world as they lived it.

This video is from the famous TED Talks and it’s quite funny to listen to.  It’s just one woman talking about her parents and bringing them to life in front of us.  It is the kind of story that shows love as well as humour.  It’s the kind of story that has captured a memory forever.

As you listen to this story, think about the stories around you.  They will be memories that you want to keep.  Go and spend time talking to and listening to the people you love.

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