Capturing School Memories

With school about to return towards the end of the month it is a perfect time to capture some memories of your children as they get ready.  Maybe this year is the first time they are going to primary school or high school.  Record the moment in your photo collection so you have it forever.

You can make taking photos part of the fun of going back to school.  It might help to deal with any anxiety your child may be feeling.  For example, get your child and maybe their friends around and spend an afternoon covering and labelling books.  There are sure to be plenty of laughs and smiles that will also make some great photographs.

Also, on the actual day of school make sure you take a picture of your child when they are in their uniform and ready to go to school.  They pass this stage so quickly.

If this is the first time your child is going to school then you should try and take some pictures at the school and even when they are in their classroom.

Another photo idea is the first piece of work they bring home.  Whether this is a picture or some other form of artwork it also can make a lasting memory.  Children seem to grow up so fast these days and capturing some school memories is great fun for all involved.

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