Simple Steps For Taking A Good Photograph

For you to get the best results with your personalised piece of jewellery from us, it can depend on the quality of the photograph that you have taken. As such, I thought it worthwhile to mention some simple steps for taking a good photograph. These steps are not targeted to the professional end of the scale but more towards the casual photographer that has a fairly basic digital camera.

• Take the time to read the manual for the camera and understand how the settings work. With most modern digital cameras often some of the automatic settings take a lot of the guess work out of the set up for the photograph so it can be easier and quicker to use them.
• As obvious as it sounds, make sure the lens is clean and doesn’t have any dirt or fingerprints on it. If you need to clean the lens do it properly as detailed in the manual.
• Set the white balance to the condition of the lighting. The white balance is the camera’s way for compensating for various conditions by shifting the colours in different ways. Often the auto setting works well but sometimes it can overcompensate under certain conditions so check it first.
• Try to fill the frame with your picture and not have other surrounding elements that may detract from the picture. Remember though that with most modern cameras you crop and modify with software at a later stage.
• Consider taking the picture from a different angle instead of front on. Sometimes a picture taken from a different angle can provide a better photograph.
• Make sure you are in focus and if your camera has an automatic focus feature then use it.
• Make sure you keep still when taking the photograph as even the slightest movement can result in a blurred picture. If practical, consider using a tripod.

These are just some simple tips; there are so many more that could apply depending on the type of equipment you are using as well as your ability.

Don’t forget that often the best shots can be taken when least expected so don’t always let the technique and tips get in the way of a spontaneous picture.

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