Easter Memories

Easter is the perfect time for creating lasting memories because of the many diverse traditions that surround the observance of Easter. Regardless of how your family celebrates this holiday, it is an occasion that is often filled with laughter and joy, so it’s perfect for making and capturing special moments with the children and other loved ones in your life.

Whether you observe Easter with new or old family traditions, many enjoy watching their children hunt the brightly coloured eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden, as well as cheering their children on during the traditional Easter egg roll.

Many of us still fondly recall dying our own Easter eggs, and this remains one of the most popular traditions that grown-ups share with their own children today. Some of us go to great lengths to take full advantage of our children’s creativity and energy by creating a decorating station for our children, complete with cups full of egg dye, as well as crayons, glue sticks, glitter, construction paper, ribbons and more.  This then allows each child to decorate their own egg just the way they wish

Over the years, Easter celebrations have added some newer activities as well that are fun for both children and adults, such as hosting Easter themed parties with Easter Bunny cakes and perhaps an Easter egg piñata that’s filled with Easter themed candies and toys. Party games such as pin the tail on the donkey are modified to become pin the cottontail on the Easter Bunny, and even a simple game of “hide and seek” can be upgraded to reflect the special day, with the designated seeker wearing bunny ears or carrying an Easter basket.

One popular recent tradition that combines the Easter holiday with children’s love of fairy tales is for grown-ups to help their children plant some “magic beans” (brightly colored jelly beans) into some loosened soil the night before Easter. The next morning before the children awake, the magic beans can be “encouraged” by adults to “grow” into large multi-coloured or swirled lollipops with bows. This works well for very young children, and children who can’t eat chocolate.

Others plan a special feast for Easter and encourage their children to help out by working together to decorate the Easter themed desserts. Making sugar cookies with your children in the shapes of bunnies, chicks, eggs and even crosses, and letting them frost them with pastel coloured icing is perfect, and older children can even help with the preparation of special Easter breads and other dishes.

Whether you participate in these or other Easter themed activities, Easter is an opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones.  Make sure that you have your camera ready so that you don’t miss out on preserving the joy and magic of this special day.

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