How To Choose The Right Pendant For Your Photo

Sometimes the photos people want to have etched onto their chosen pendant just won’t work.  The size or orientation of the photo does not match the shape of the pendant.  With some photos it’s possible to crop or edit them so they fit but it can’t always be done.

First, look at the shape of the object or person you want etched into the pendant.

In this example, the shape is wider than it is high.  When that is transferred onto a pendant it will look like one of these two illustrations.

Here the pendant is higher than it is wide.  The etched image still looks good (luckily) but there is a lot of wasted space above and below the image.

On this pendant the etched image sits well.  It is centred and larger than it could have been on the pendant above, so you will have a much clearer image, too.

Of course the same goes for images that are taller than they are wide.  They will sit best on a pendant that is taller than it is wide.

If you have a favourite photo and you are not sure which shaped pendant or gift product it will sit best on, talk to us and we will help you make the best choice.

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