Very Special Baby Photos

This is a lovely story which really shows the importance photos play in our lives.  Sometimes a photo is all you have to remember someone by but what happens if you don’t have a photo at all?

This is the story of a lady who lost her son shortly after he was born.  Zachary Hunter Vince was born June 13th 2008 with big green eyes, chubby cheeks and a congenital heart defect.  Zachary’s mother did not have the opportunity to take photos of her child.  She was too busy willing him to live.

Now, though Zachary’s Mission, she helps families of children born with critically ill children.  One of her special services she arranges is professional photography where the photographer will come to the hospital.  If the worst happens, at least the families will now have a visual memory they can hold in their hands.

Find out more here in this video.

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