Surround Yourself With Photos

Last year we talked about the importance of bringing your images to life, not leaving them to wither as digital images.  It’s still something that I often see.

We are blessed with the technology and opportunity to capture virtually every important moment in our lives – and we do it.  The amount of images in MB we all have stored on our phones, iPods or computers is enormous.

Yet when was the last time you stopped to look through those images? In many cases I would guess that you have not looked at them ever. Am I right?

Why aren’t we surrounding ourselves with photos? It’s so easy to do. I’ve come up with some ideas for you so that you can use those special photos in a way that you’ll enjoy.

Snapfish will make you a photo album filled with your chosen images or put your child’s face onto a mug. They also have a new Glass Print which looks really exciting.

On Etsy you can have your favourite photo turned into a piece of canvas wall art with words. Isn’t this a lovely way to remember your wedding vows?

PhotoWow can turn your photos into pop art to hang on your wall. They certainly make a style statement, don’t they?

Fotorama will take your photos and turn them into wall collages for you.  These are a great idea especially if you have a series of photos that belong together.  They really tell the story for you.

With all these options available to you, don’t leave your special photos hidden away in the digital world.  Display them and enjoy them.

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