Rising Out Of The Ashes – What Fire Cannot Take Away

When it’s used to cook our food and warm our hearths, fire is truly a much needed gift. However, the devastating, unpredictable nature of fire can also be truly catastrophic when it is let loose and consumes everything in its path. As the recent fires here in Australia have shown, fire can be truly destructive, destroying homes, property and even lives.

While you and your family may escape a dangerous fire with your lives, and insurance can help you to repair any damage to your dwelling and some of your belongings, it is often impossible to reclaim everything that you lose in a fire. More often than not, if you’ve survived a fire, chances are great that you will lose something that’s special to you. Perhaps it is a treasured family heirloom, a beautiful plant that was given to you by a loved one, or an essential item that is your personal touchstone to fond memories from days gone by.

Insurance may replace these items, but a replacement is not quite the same as having the actual item. These items, our personal belongings, can often become powerful talisman by becoming our personal keys to the memories of our past.

Our memories are important to us, they tell the story of where we have been in the journey that is our life. Our memories also shape and define who we are as individuals. While fire may destroy our physical possessions, it cannot destroy our memories. Thankfully there is an easy, and beautiful way, to record and preserve the existence of the special people, events, places and favorite possessions that have been part of our lives.

Take the time now to preserve what you treasure in your life. Send us a photo of your favorites – be they loved ones, pets, places, events, or possessions – and let us turn it into a personalised, engraved memento that will stand the test of time.

At Etched in Memories, we can take your favorite photo and permanently engrave it onto your choice of metal – from precious metals such as 9 ct gold and sterling silver to durable and affordable stainless steel – and help you to create a permanent, personalised record of your treasured past.

Keep your memories close to you where fire and time cannot touch them. You can wear your new memento close to your heart as a pendant, at the wrist as a cufflink, or carry it with you each day on your keychain.

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