Quilt Fabric Delights

Growing up I always remember my mum sewing, and even now, she still sits at her machine to mend this or make that.  I was never blessed with the skill to sew, and I am sorry to say, nor the inclination. 

However, when I recently visited the site Quilt Fabric Delights, I was filled with inspiration.  So many beautiful fabrics and so many possibilities.

Quilt Fabric Delights is an online store owned and operated by Sarah Leak in South Australia. 

I made my way into Sarah’s blog, only to discover this fantastic backpack that she had made.  This backpack, along with the other stunning creations you will find on Quilt Fabric Delights Blog simply leaves me in awe of the talent some people possess.

At Quilt Fabric Delights you will find a range of designer fabrics, patterns, craft ideas and more. 

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