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Engraved Art

A recent order made me think about a new and different way to preserve memories. Preserving your child’s artwork as an engraved pendant is not only unique but holds that memory of your child forever.

The piece of artwork may relate to a specific time in your child’s life or even be linked to a specific event such as a birthday or other celebration. Throughout kindergarten and primary school your child is sure to have painted or drawn some unique images of friends, activities or even something from their imagination. Often they are bright, colourful and from a loving parents perspective, quite artistic. Importantly, they are also likely to be special to your child at the time.

My children each have their own special ways of drawing. When I look at a painting I can tell who has painted it just from looking at the characters. There is a certain way of painting a smile or the hands that identifies the artist as clearly as a thumbprint. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the work could last forever?

Often as they grow these memories are lost and forgotten so instead of losing them, why not preserve them forever with our range of pendants? How unique and special would that be?