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Don’t Forget Your Camera Over Christmas And New Year

When your family and friends get together over Christmas and the New Year it is the perfect time for creating some great memories.  Therefore, don’t forget your camera over Christmas so you can capture those memories as they happen.

Taking group pictures of the whole family with the different generations from grandparents or maybe great grandparents and then all the way down to the grandchildren or even the great grandchildren is sure to provide lasting memories.

Another fantastic picture to capture is on the morning of Christmas when the tree is fully decorated, lit up with all the lights and surrounded by the unopened presents left by Santa on Christmas Eve.

Christmas lunch or dinner is another opportunity to take a great picture as everyone is around the table enjoying each other’s company while eating the fabulous food.

Also, New Year celebrations are another time to capture some great images, whether it is family and friends around the barbeque or even pictures of firework celebrations that will bring in the New Year.

These are just some ideas so don’t forget your camera over Christmas and New Year as you may miss some great opportunities to capture some everlasting images.