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Cave Art – The Significance Of Images

Memories can be formed in so many ways and passed from generation to generation.  Cave art is a great example of this as stories relating to traditions, myths and legends can be told from the related images.  In addition, these images can also be factual as they reflect information at a point in time as highlighted by some aboriginal cave art that could be 40,000 years old that depicts pictures of an extinct giant bird.  Follow this link for more information.

The point is that man has always communicated through images and we still do today.

While some of our own images may not be 40,000 years old we certainly have images that can tell some fantastic stories.  Our children may produce some art work while at school that relates to a story or event at that point in time.  As a parent keeping these images allows the story to live on and are great for reminiscing as your children grow into adults.

The same with photographs that we have that may be from past to current generations.  We are all familiar with the saying that a picture paints a thousand words and this is so true with many of the images that are part of our life.

As with cave art we should take special effort to retain many of these images so we can also pass on our stories to our children and allow the history to live on.

Memories Of A Summer Night

The heat of the day melts away into a balmy dusk.

Children, worn out from the day’s frolicking in the relentless waves, have donned their t-shirts and rolled up their pant legs to just below their knees.  Shoes are left lying where they were dropped as twilight approached.  They remain filled with sand.

It is a summer night.

The smell of barbeque lingers in the air as we set off for a walk along the beach.  The waves of earlier today have been subdued, and lap quietly against the wet sand.  The children have become almost as passive as the waves; their wild rollicking now a slow wandering.

They are content to amble, collecting rocks and shells along the way, returning some to the sea, and leaving others where they lay. Rock pools provide a source of fascination and discovery, beckoning the curious minds to explore and squeal in excitement, and sometimes, repugnance!

The warm air provides the perfect companion to the cool, damp sand, and a relief after the hot, hot day.

Unable to contain their excitement, and despite their tiredness from the intense activity of the day, we watch the children burst with renewed energy, racing in and out of the now cold ocean, squealing and laughing, barely avoiding getting their warm, dry clothes wet.

We laugh at their antics, and watch the bright orange sun disappear into the ocean miles away.

I catch what memories I can with my camera, but most remain in my head and my heart.