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Rituals And Memory

Perhaps you have heard about the 5 year photo project – it is all about 5 friends who go back to the same place every 5 years and take the same photo again. They have been performing this unique ritual of theirs since 1982 and, according to them, it has kept their high school friendship alive.

Indeed, as we go back through the years, we realise that many of our memories are result of a sui generis ritual or tradition we have with our friends, relatives, parents. Of course, there are many spontaneous moments that turn into great memories, but knowing that next month or next year or even in 5 years you will be with the people you love performing something you all enjoy will certainly keep them fresh in your memory.

Therefore, it is proven that rituals have the useful ability to build memories. It is even more important that they work in two ways. Firstly, they help you remember that your friends are somewhere out there even if you can’t talk to them every day and meet them regularly. Secondly, they create real memories that you can take with your wherever you have – memories that will warm your heart when you feel lonely and under the weather.

Of course, when it comes to rituals, it may be something requiring a lot of preparation (like the 5 year photo project), or it may be something really simple, like sharing a cup of tea on Sunday afternoons. Talking on Skype from time to time, going to the cinema at Christmas, having a drink after a job well done (see “Boston Legal”) – it doesn’t really matter. The important part is spending great time with your loved ones and remembering it – because “nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”

So, if you are afraid that your memory may betray you and important people may begin to fade away, just make sure to create a ritual with them. No matter if it is formal or personal, religious and spiritual or simple and everyday, it will create a special bond between you and your friends and will make sure your relationship survives regardless of the circumstances. Even if the people in question are no longer among us, we can still keep them in our hearts with the help of rituals and maintain a connection as long as it makes us feel good.

If you don’t want to entrust everything to your memory, you can take additional measures to remember. During a favourite ritual of yours, take a nice picture with your loved once and ask us to engrave it on a pendant. With a picture on one side and the date of the ritual on another, you are sure to keep it fresh with you wherever you go. So if you want to make sure your friends, parents or significant others are safely preserved in your heart, contact Etched in Memories now and we will help you choose the best item for the occasion.

Memories for Men

Don’t forget men when looking through the gifts here at Etched in Memories.  While they can be rough and tough on the outside they can also be sentimental and often they appreciate the fact that someone has recognised that aspect of them.

What better way to show this than with a pair of cufflinks?  We have either Oval Rhodium Cufflinks or Square Rhodium Cufflinks and with both of these options you can have a different image or text on each side.  The cufflinks also come in an attractive gift box that adds that extra special element when they are given as a present.

The ID/Army Dog Tag is a stainless steel pendant that also makes a great gift.  You can have the pendant engraved with a photo on one or both sides as well as text if you prefer.  This pendant can be attached to a key chain, a stainless steel curb or ball necklace or a black leather look necklace.  Simply select your preferences when you place your order.   These pendants also come in 9ct yellow gold or 9ct white gold.

Christmas is but once a year however memories are for a lifetime.

Browse our store to find the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Building Memories With Your Children

One of the great aspects of being a parent is that you play such an important role in the life of your children. As they grow up, they will look back at the times you have shared together. That is why it is important that you spend time with them, creating and building memories that last throughout your lives.

Remembering past events, activities or accomplishments as they get older is perfect for reminiscing at family events such as birthday parties, Christmas time or just over a family meal. Those “Do you remember the time…” conversations are always the ones which bring most laughter with them.

What is important is that as your children grow you can help to build these memories. This may be through old toys that you have kept once outgrown, such as an old teddy bear that may have been their best friend when they were young. You may also have some clothes, school reports or even kept trophies as a result of an award they may have won for sport or dancing. Photographs also play a key part of your memory building as they capture that point in time. These photographs may be taken on the first day they went to school, be it primary school, high school or even University.

Being able to build these memories is fun as a parent, so make sure you take the time to take that photograph, keep that old toy or teddy bear as well as anything else that was part of your child’s life. Make sure you take the time to play with your children, to hold them and love them. Take the time to read their favourite book with them or take afternoon tea with teddy.

Being a parent is an honour and being part of a treasured memory is even better.

Telling Stories

Life is a collection of stories.  It’s the tale of yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow.  You may not realise it but you are currently building up your repertoire of tales which will one day enthrall your children and grandchildren.

One of the biggest regrets most people have when they lose a friend or family member is not listening to the stories which made up that person.  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – a very true statement.

Stories don’t have to be adventures or epics.  More often than not the most special story is one from daily life.  It’s the little glimpse into the soul of a person and the world as they lived it.

This video is from the famous TED Talks and it’s quite funny to listen to.  It’s just one woman talking about her parents and bringing them to life in front of us.  It is the kind of story that shows love as well as humour.  It’s the kind of story that has captured a memory forever.

As you listen to this story, think about the stories around you.  They will be memories that you want to keep.  Go and spend time talking to and listening to the people you love.

Memory Box

I always love it when I am sitting around a table with my family and friends reminiscing about the past.  Most of the memories relate to some special event such as a wedding, party, school days or a special time that I shared with people I love.

Sometimes the stories differ depending on who is telling them and at times some of the details may not always be accurate, but that is the fun part of memory.  Even better is being able to get out photos, an old dress, maybe some old jewellery or a memento that can help with the memory and the story.  Maybe letters, old war medals or even an old teddy bear or doll from your parents or grandparents are able to bring back fond memories.

Keeping a memory box for your kids can be fun and you may include their first tooth, a lock of hair or even a picture they may have painted.  Keeping school reports may bring back memories of old friends during their growing years, maybe pictures they painted or even poems or stories that they wrote.  The memory box would then make a unique gift when they have graduated, got married or reached a milestone age.

A memory box is a great way to keep the memories safe, and because you can retain items that relate to a special person, it allows you to keep the memories alive.  Why not start you memory box now?

Christmas Memories

Christmas creates so many opportunities to capture memories you don’t often get the chance to create. It’s the time you do things you don’t often do throughout the year, and often the only time you manage to have the important people in your life in the one place.

Between the tidying, present purchasing and cooking, as well as the stress that goes with it all, there’s the propensity to forget to catch those moments as the days and gatherings pass by in a swirl of chaos and running around.

Forget about what you’re wearing or look like, and take the opportunity when everyone is there to grab those group shots, even if they are set up. Sometimes we can be so caught up in “perfect” and controlling the moment, that we forget that the apron with the cranberry sauce on it or the frazzled hair is who those people are at that moment in time. It’s capturing their personality, as well as the moment. This, in itself, is precious.

Snapping away as festivities happen is also important, as they lead to those funny and memorable stories that are beyond “Do you remember when Uncle Bill ….?”. You have the photo to prove it and to keep the story going for generations to come.

Handing out disposable cameras – including and especially to the children – will provide you with many more moments and memories than you could possibly capture between ensuring everyone has a drink in their hand.

Let down your inhibitions and pick up the camera and catch what you can.