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Why Bother The Bunny?

Easter so longed for is gone in a day. – James Howell

Do you remember as a child how long it seemed to take before Easter finally arrived?

We talked about it in class and made Easter baskets.  We talked about it at school as we joined in with the Easter bonnet parade.  We talked about it in the playgrounds and then we went home and drove our parents nutty with “How many days now?”

Then Easter arrived one morning and was gone before it was even bedtime.

I’d change James Howell’s quote to say that Easter is gone in less than a day.  The only reminder we had was a pile of torn foil and, on our return to school, the Easter egg comparison charts.

“How many eggs did you get?”

“Oh, I had way more than that…”

Now that I am an adult, Easter still seems to fly past.  Admittedly I spend the lead up time shopping for Easter eggs and gifts for family and friends, but the day itself just disappears.  By the time the eggs have been discovered, we’ve caught up with others, celebrated the day and we are all on a chocolate high, it’s almost impossible to remember the day.

As kids we had nothing to worry about except who we’d see and how many eggs or pressies we might be given, so it is still easy to remember the good bits even after all these years.

Now I struggle to remember anything about last year’s Easter, or the one before that.  It isn’t a faulty memory that is to blame; it’s busyness and the responsibilities of being a grown up that get in the way.

I don’t want to miss out on another Easter memory.

Instead of giving people just chocolate this year I’d like to give them all a little digital camera so they can record the day.  I might not have time to take photos but I can share theirs and we can keep them forever.

How will you remember this Easter?

Easter Is Coming

With Easter only a few weeks away, what better way to create lasting memories for you and your children than with some fun and games?  Here are some fun ways to do just that.

Guess how many eggs.  Get a glass jar or a basket and place some smaller eggs or even lollies in the jar or basket.  Hand out a pencil and paper and get each child to guess how many eggs or lollies are in the container.  The one closest to the actual number is declared the winner!

While the Easter egg hunt is always good fun you can do a small variation by getting your kids to match Easter eggs by the colour of the wrapper.   The other good aspect of this is that if they collect unmatched eggs then at the end of the game they can swap and match with the rest of the family.

How about Pin the Egg on the Basket?  Draw a big picture of an Easter basket as well as some eggs using coloured paper.  Give out each egg with adhesive on the back and their name on the front and with a blind fold spin them around and see how close they can get with the prize going to player that gets the closest.

For a whole lot more fun and games have a look at this site:

It is always good fun at Easter to leave bunny footprints around the house.  The footprints are easy to make and easier to clean up with a quick vacuum or a broom.   Here is the best way to do it:

  • Pour a small amount of baby powder in a bowl.
  • With your thumb and first 2 fingers dip them into the powder.
  • Then work out where you trail will go and then press your 3 fingers on the carpet and or furniture.
  • A quick vacuum or a broom cleans everything up in no time.

As your kids get a bit older you can make the trail harder to find and follow.

An alternative is to use paper to cut out some footprints that you can then decorate and place around the house or even outside.  Don’t forget to get the lefts and rights around the right way or maybe even mix them up for a bit of a laugh.

What more proof could you have that the Easter Bunny has been at your house than seeing actual footprints!!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of these moments.  You will treasure them in years to come.

Easter is such a great time for your family and some of these ideas can add to that memory that can last for ever.

Easter Memories

Easter is a warm and wonderful time in my memory.  It was a wonderful occasion that we shared with friends and extended family.  It was loud and colourful and filled with those shiny chocolate treasures that we all loved.

One of the best parts of Easter was counting up how many eggs we were given.  Once we went back to school after the holiday we could take part in the general boasting about how many we had.  I remember the faces of the other children as they laughed about the sheer quantity of chocolate they had eaten.

These days I still love Easter.  I love egg hunts and don’t tell anyone, but I also love those giant powder pawprints that pop up around schools and homes.  I think I still have the heart of a child.

I hope that my children grow up with as many happy Easter memories as I have.

What is your favourite Easter memory?