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A Pendant Next To Your Heart

Etched In Memories specialises in jewellery with customised messages, so you can wear or give someone a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks directly from your heart. The pendants themselves are made of fine quality metals, and, once engraved, will hold the precious words next to the wearer’s heart for years to come. One of the premier joys of being a co-creator in custom jewellery is the luxury of choice. As well as choosing the metal that will suit the wearer best, there are a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses of pendant to choose from, each of which are suitable for carrying different types of messages.

Stainless steel pendants are the most economical of the range, and are a strong, bright option for casual gifts. Sterling silver is somewhat similar in appearance to stainless steel, but unlike stainless steel contains a high percentage of silver, a precious metal. Etched In Memories also carries a selection of pendants in gold. These range from the gold plated, through to 9ct white and yellow gold options. Gold plated jewellery is quite affordable, being a thin layer of gold covering a strong base metal. 9ct yellow and white gold are both very precious and beautiful options which people treasure for years and have heirloom potential.

The range of pendant shapes available ensures there is something to suit men and women of all ages, and great options for all occasions. The classic heart shaped pendants are well suited to displaying wedding anniversaries, for instance, or children’s names. Attractively rounded circles and ovals are sometimes preferred by women. Square pendants can appear quite modern, and along with rectangles and ID tag shapes can carry very personal and sentimental messages and still be suitable for men to wear.

This is only a simple guide, however. When choosing the pendant you would like, remember the human heart has few rules. Have a look through the Etched In Memories selection, and see what speaks to you.

Father’s Day Gifts

Perhaps you are well aware that Father’s Day (September 7) is drawing closer and it is only fair to give your old man something for the efforts of bringing you up. Usually, it is the mothers who get flowers and nicely-packed gifts, so getting something for dad on his special day will be a great way to show him your feelings, gratitude and acknowledgment. If you are having doubts about the nature of the gift, however, some of the options below may draw your attention – all of them can be customised to remind your dad of a great moment you had together.

To start with, you can choose from a variety of cufflinks and pendants available in our online store. Both options are available in a variety of forms and sizes, so make sure you check out all the categories and find the one your dad likes the most. In the case of the cufflinks, they can be oval or square. As for the pendants, they come in various forms, including ID tags, ovals and rectangles, as well as square and round pendants.

If you have decided to go for a pendant, you will need to carefully select the material it is made of. The options you have are stainless steel (it won’t change its colour and doesn’t look too shiny), gold plated (it is affordable and looks very stylish), sterling silver (an elegant version that won’t draw too much attention) or 9ct white or yellow gold (it will perfectly match with a gold bracelet or ring). Once you have decided your choice of material, you can then look to customise the gift.

The good news is that both the pendant and the cufflinks can be customised with an image and text. Therefore, pick a great picture of you and your dad enjoying the company of each other and add a text message that will express how special he is to you. If one image is not enough, you can add a second one on the back of the pendant or etch different images on each of the cufflinks. Make sure you choose the picture carefully – your dad will have this precious moment in front of his eyes whenever he wears them!

If you can’t decide which item to choose – the pendent or the cufflinks, you can do well to combine them and create a matching set. As for the pendant, you can request a key chain added to it before dispatching, and for the stainless steel models we can offer a corresponding ball or curb chain, so that your dad will be able to wear it around his neck. All our items can be giftwrapped, so you don’t need to worry about wrapped them yourself.

Remember that you need to place your order very soon if you want the item to arrive on time. If you have already made up your mind and would like to make your dad happy on September 7, visit our website now and choose from the many different options described above. All our gifts offer free shipping in Australia, so all you need to do to create another special memory for you and your dad is choose, customise and order – we will take care of the rest!

Pendant And Engraving Possibilities

At Etched In Memories ( we specialise in personalised gifts particularly that of engraved pendants. When it comes down to your pendant choices and engraving options, there are actually quite a few varieties. It all depends on your budget and your specific gift requirements.

First you need to look at your pendant metal options. We have a choice of stainless steel, gold plated, sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold pendants available. These range in cost from $37.95 for gold plated up to $637.95 for white gold.

Next you have to consider what shape you might want and of course this is closely related to the size and shape of the photo or image you are engraving on the pendant. The shapes we have in current stock are hearts, squares, ID tags, ovals, circles and rectangles. There are other shapes available although we do not hold them in store. If you have a special request, please let us know. The white and yellow gold pendant also comes in two thicknesses, that of 0.6mm and 1mm.

Then of course you have to decide on the actual image/s or photograph/s you would like engraved on the pendant. You can choose to engrave either one or both sides of the pendant with photos, logos, text and more. Our quality affordable metals are perfect for key rings and bookmarks while our 9ct gold or sterling silver pendants are more suitable for beautiful jewellery pieces.

We also offer an engraving only service and can engrave on pendants, zippo lighters, watches and business card holders. Again contact us for more information if you have a specialised order. Suitable items need to be perfectly flat, no thicker than 20mm and no wider than 80x80mm.

We love to assist in creating and preserving your special memories. And as our way of saying thank you, all pendants come with free gift-wrapping, cleaning cloth, standard postage Australia-wide and our promise to treat your memories with care and provide you with a stunning, quality keepsake.

Photo FAQs

Most of the questions that I am asked are to do with the images people want etched into their pendant or gift. While there is a lot of information on our FAQ page, I thought I’d work through them here, too.

What size photo do you need?

Any size up to A4 is suitable. Digital images should be sent in their original size (without adjustment, resizing or modification). That gives us the best chance of being able to crop or alter your image for the best results.

What quality does my photo need to be?

A clear, sharp photo with good lighting will provide the best result. We will crop and adjust your photo to suit the pendant, so please send the photo in its original size. If you are scanning your photo, please do so at a minimum of 200dpi. If you are unsure, you are welcome to email your photo to us prior to placing your order.

The clearer your image is, the clearer the etching will be. The definition is important and so is the dark and light shading.

Can you combine people from 2 different photos?

Yes, we can merge your images so that they engrave together on the one pendant. Please add an Image Merge to your shopping basket and let us know which people from your images you want merged.

People aren’t always convenient enough to be in the same place at the same time and even if they are, there is no guarantee they will both take a flattering photo. We will happily combine images so you have the memory piece you want.

Can you remove the background from my photo?

Yes, we remove the background from all photos prior to engraving. This removes any distractions in the image and puts the focus on the faces. If there is anything in the background that is significant to the memory you are preserving, please advise us at the time of order.

Backgrounds can sometimes dominate images especially if it is dark. Faces and contrasts tend to disappear into the background.

I hope that has cleared up some of your questions. Always feel free to contact us if your question has not been answered.

Decisions Decisions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make a decision, especially when you are making a decision between two great choices. When selecting a pendant or other jewellery item to personalise with photo engraving, etching or embossing, one of the first decisions that will need to be made is to choose the type of metal that will be used. Two popular metals that are used in jewellery are sterling silver and stainless steel, but which metal is the best? The correct answer depends on the particular tastes and lifestyle of the person who will be wearing the item of jewellery.

There are two factors to keep in mind when trying to make a choice between these two types of metal. One major factor to consider is how active or physical is the lifestyle of the person who will be wearing this item of jewellery?

By nature, silver is a very soft metal that is easy to work with. While it is easy to carve intricate designs into silver items, silver is also very prone to bending or showing dings, nicks and scratches when it is worn by those who do physical labour or lead a very active lifestyle. For this reason, individuals who work with their hands or who regularly participate in very physical activities might prefer to choose rings, pendants, bracelets and other items of jewellery that are made from a metal other than sterling silver so  that is more resistant to wear and tear.

Stainless steel can be a great choice for people who have an active lifestyle or occupation, as the surface can be treated to resemble pewter or chrome, but it is naturally resistant to dings, nicks, scratches and warping.

The second factor to think about when you are considering stainless steel is that its price can be a selling point to some and a potential drawback to others. Stainless steel is generally an inexpensive metal, particularly in comparison to sterling silver. Some might not view a jewellery item made from stainless steel as special because of the low cost, and others simply prefer the particular lustre and patina that sterling silver acquires as it ages.

Choosing the type of metal to use is only the beginning of the process to selecting the perfect piece of jewellery to personalise. To learn more about photo engraving and other ways to select and personalise the perfect piece of jewellery, please visit Etched in Memories.

Bringing Back The Memories

“Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time more than anything else. It’s amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a song or a solitary whiff of a room. A song you didn’t even pay attention to at the time, a place that you didn’t even know had a particular smell.” – Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed

What stirs memories in you?

I remember walking along the hard, foreign streets of the city one morning and as a woman bustled past me she left a trail of Youth Dew in her wake. Suddenly I didn’t feel so alone. It was the same perfume my aunt always wore and it comforted me.

Just a few notes of “Stranger on the Shore” can take me straight back to my childhood, and lazy afternoons with my father as he listened to his favourite recording of Acker Bilk.

It’s sad that we can’t capture these things in the way we can capture an image.

But isn’t it wonderful that, when we have these incredible moments of remembering, we can grasp a photo or an etched image and look once again into the face of the person you are thinking of? There is never a memory without a special someone connected with it, is there?

You might not think you are sentimental but one day…one day… a sound or a smell will stop you in your tracks and you will find a part of yourself you didn’t know existed.

Enjoy your memories.