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Far Away From Home

Day after day, the world we live in changes irrevocably. Boundaries are drawn or erased, new highways and air routes come into existence and take children away from parents, separate siblings and put thousands of miles between best friends. By the minute we are provided with new opportunities for work, education, better life – some of them as far as the end of the world, and all of them requiring a certain sacrifice. Years ago, most of them would cost more than we would care to pay, but today we have the means to keep our friends and relatives close no matter where we live.

Visual memories are important – everyone would say that. However, you don’t truly understand how important they are until you are far away from home, in a foreign country, on a different continent. You go home from work, expecting to see the same empty and lonely room. You unlock the door and the faces of your family are there, before you, smiling from the gold-plated picture frame on your wall. Minutes ago, you didn’t even remember that the photo existed; now you are grateful that you decided to take it with you when you didn’t even realise you will miss everyone so much.

A year ago, if somebody told you that you would spend hours on Skype, talking to your family and friends, you would have laughed. Now there’s hardly a day when you don’t send them a message, asking if everyone is alright and answering their concerned questions in turn. And while the smaller members of your family practically grow in front of your eyes thanks to programmes like Skype, you can’t help but spend some of your time on Facebook, checking on your friends, on the latest news from your hometown, staying in touch and being informed.

It really is great that now every one of us can have a profile in a social network, an account in Skype, an e-mail client. Sometimes we can even forget that we are far away from home – as if our parents have gone on a holiday, our siblings are still in their school’s boarding house and everybody is together. Practically, we are together – a small family keeping its distant relationship with the help of the Internet, part of the bigger world family, whose parents are the globalisation and the striving for better life.

Sometimes, the effort to maintain a connection is everything that relates us to our past. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, Skype and Google+, being away does not feel too bad. Because of our visual memories – pictures and videos, digital and real, every place in the world feels like home. If you are far away, you know that feeling when you see the familiar faces smiling from your desktop. If you are planning to go away, save a corner of your suitcase for everyone’s pictures – you will never regret taking them with you.

Building Memories With Your Children

One of the great aspects of being a parent is that you play such an important role in the life of your children. As they grow up, they will look back at the times you have shared together. That is why it is important that you spend time with them, creating and building memories that last throughout your lives.

Remembering past events, activities or accomplishments as they get older is perfect for reminiscing at family events such as birthday parties, Christmas time or just over a family meal. Those “Do you remember the time…” conversations are always the ones which bring most laughter with them.

What is important is that as your children grow you can help to build these memories. This may be through old toys that you have kept once outgrown, such as an old teddy bear that may have been their best friend when they were young. You may also have some clothes, school reports or even kept trophies as a result of an award they may have won for sport or dancing. Photographs also play a key part of your memory building as they capture that point in time. These photographs may be taken on the first day they went to school, be it primary school, high school or even University.

Being able to build these memories is fun as a parent, so make sure you take the time to take that photograph, keep that old toy or teddy bear as well as anything else that was part of your child’s life. Make sure you take the time to play with your children, to hold them and love them. Take the time to read their favourite book with them or take afternoon tea with teddy.

Being a parent is an honour and being part of a treasured memory is even better.

Christmas Memories

Christmas creates so many opportunities to capture memories you don’t often get the chance to create. It’s the time you do things you don’t often do throughout the year, and often the only time you manage to have the important people in your life in the one place.

Between the tidying, present purchasing and cooking, as well as the stress that goes with it all, there’s the propensity to forget to catch those moments as the days and gatherings pass by in a swirl of chaos and running around.

Forget about what you’re wearing or look like, and take the opportunity when everyone is there to grab those group shots, even if they are set up. Sometimes we can be so caught up in “perfect” and controlling the moment, that we forget that the apron with the cranberry sauce on it or the frazzled hair is who those people are at that moment in time. It’s capturing their personality, as well as the moment. This, in itself, is precious.

Snapping away as festivities happen is also important, as they lead to those funny and memorable stories that are beyond “Do you remember when Uncle Bill ….?”. You have the photo to prove it and to keep the story going for generations to come.

Handing out disposable cameras – including and especially to the children – will provide you with many more moments and memories than you could possibly capture between ensuring everyone has a drink in their hand.

Let down your inhibitions and pick up the camera and catch what you can.

Father’s Day is Coming

If you asked a father what they wanted for Father’s Day you would get a wide variety of answers, with everything from a new CD to an Aston Martin Vanquish. But a lot of dads would also be happy to simply spend some time with their family, enjoying Father’s Day lunch or a BBQ dinner (and beer of course!).

And don’t forget that dads can be sentimental too. After all, whether it is his first Father’s Day or his 50th, it is a day to remember and worthy of a celebration for being a father or Grandfather. It is a day when dads can feel special, honoured and thanked for just being “dad”.

Surprisingly, Father’s Day has only been around for just over 100 years. It originated in Washington in 1909 and was inspired by Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on a range of different dates around the world and usually involves giving gifts to fathers and grandfathers – celebrating with a special meal or other family-orientated activities. In fact, there are 24 different dates for Father’s Day around the world – that is an average of two Father’s Days a month (that’s a lot of breakfasts in bed!)

Most countries in the world celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday in June. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea are the only countries that celebrate it on the first Sunday in September.

So be prepared and don’t forget to spoil your Dad this Father’s Day!

Remembering Your Pets

The unconditional love of a pet is one of the purest forms of friendship and so many pets easily become precious family members.

When a pet passes away we grieve as deeply as we do when we lose a human member of our family.  The memories of a special pet’s love and loyalty are something that we cherish forever. 

We have lost special pets over the years so we understand exactly how you feel.  Now you can carry a special reminder of your beloved four-legged friend with you, as an engraved pendant or key ring that preserves their image.

We can engrave a quality image of your pet from a photograph that you provide, creating a worthy keepsake in their memory.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who has lost a beloved pet, or has been unable to keep their pet when they have moved into care facilities or accommodation where pets are not allowed.

Pendants and key rings can be engraved on both sides and more than one person or pet can be included in each image. The image is etched into the surface of the metal and no paints or dyes are used in the process.

If you want only certain parts of a photo used in the engraving, we can professionally crop out other parts of the picture and all photographs are returned to our customers with the completed engravings.

We will work with you to create a unique and quality memory piece of your pet that you can treasure for years to come.