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Father’s Day – 5 Things We Love About Dads

At Etched In Memories we hear many fabulous stories about dad and how special dads in general can be – for many reasons. There are a few reasons however which keep cropping up over and over (much to our surprise) and we thought we would share these with you.

1. Dad Jokes

Dads in general seem to be known for their bad sense of humour or humour which is often at the expense or embarrassment of the child (regardless of their age). Even though this is the case, for the most part – the kids seem to love their dad because or even in spite of it. They may outwardly cringe at the jokes dad makes but without them – well it just wouldn’t be the dad they know and love.

2. Protective Dads

This one is particularly true when it comes to daddy’s little girl; what girl hasn’t heard their dad make a joke about how dad has to approve of the new boyfriend beforehand or how the men have to get daddy’s permission before he wants to marry his little princess. Again cringeworthy especially as the daughter enters the dating stage but for the most part dad is especially loved because we know how much he cares. And for that we are grateful.

3. Rough and Tumble Games

When mum is away, let the games begin. Dads have a special way of allowing kids to be kids and connect with them in a way which is special and memorable. Mums might not like it but children enjoy the rough and tumble play on the floor and enjoy the thrill of the chase as dad comes barrelling down on them. And as for those tickle spots…look out!

4. Dad’s Meals

Many of you love dad for their cooking ability – and we are not talking the well balanced healthy meals that mum opts for. You guys love dad for their pancake and eggs and bacon ability – the meals that seem to create a strong and delicious bond between father and child. And seconds are always available if dad is cooking.

5. Dad’s Dress Sense

Remember when dad wore that outfit that was just totally embarrassing and even today it makes you shake your head in horror. But if you think about it long enough a smile will soon develop on your face when you remember dear old dad in ‘that outfit’. We love our dads “just because” – not because he is a trendsetter or even remotely cool (oh how we wished!).

Maybe not your top 5 list – but dads have a unique way of entering our hearts and heads without really trying. Do you have a special or memorable story about your dad?

Clever Packaging

You’ve bought the gift, now how are you going to wrap it? You could just take advantage of the gift wrapping service offered by many stores, but why not have a little bit of fun and get creative with the presentation?

There are loads of different wrapping paper designs available now, so you will probably be able to find one to suit almost any theme you choose, but you don’t have to buy gift wrap.

A great idea for a grandparent, aunt, uncle or god parent is to utilise some of those hundreds of colourful paintings your kids bring home from kindy, playgroup or day care as wrapping paper. You can also use butchers paper or newspaper to create your own personalised gift wrap using felt markers, stamps or paints, stickers or even glitter glue.

Baskets are not always an easily reusable item, except for re-gifting of course, but you can present collections of goodies in other useful containers such as a mixing bowl, foot spa, on serving platters or even in a laundry basket. Clear cellophane is very forgiving and you can cover almost anything in lashings of it, scrunch it together with some curling ribbon and it looks just like a present should.

One fun way to wrap a smallish gift is to place it inside a lot of boxes, each slightly larger than the other until you are left with a big gift box to wrap.

A hot glue gun is the best tool for adding personalised styling to your gift after it is wrapped as you can use it to stick almost anything on the box, paper, ribbons or bows. Effective decorations can be made by grouping dried or silk flowers, gumnuts and gum leaves, seashells, beads – anything at all really.

Gift bags have gained a huge popularity in the last few years, and besides the vast range you can buy, you could also consider making and or decorating your own gift bag for the special touch.

White Gold or Yellow?

When selecting a piece of jewellery you normally have to decide between silver or white gold and traditional yellow gold.  While it will ultimately be a choice based on your personal preference, there is more to take into account before making a decision.

When you choose what clothing to wear you always take into account what colours that you like and what suits your colouring.  You need to take those same things into account when choosing which colour metal to wear.

Cool skin tones look best with metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold.  Warm skin tones are better suited to yellow based metals such as yellow or rose gold.

Do you know which skin tone you have?

If I ask you what your favourite colours are, that is usually a good indicator.

People with cool skin tones usually prefer pinks, blues, purples and whites.  People with warm skin tones are likely to choose oranges, yellows, rusts and earthy colours.

If you are still not sure, have a look at the inside of your wrists.  What colour are the veins that you see?  If they look blue your skin is cool.  If they appear slightly green then your skin probably has a warm yellowish undertone.

If you are buying jewellery for someone else don’t forget to check which colour they currently wear.  There is no point buying a piece of jewellery in a metal that they are unlikely to wear.

Etched in Memories offers a choice of metals so that there is something to suit everyone.

How to order your keepsake.


Have you been thinking about our pendants and other lovely products?  The ordering process is quite easy and we will help you through it. Here are a few things that you need to know.

Make sure you leave enough time for your Etched in Memoriesâ pendant to be shipped to you; a standard pendant will be shipped within a week. 9ct gold and sterling silver pendants are handmade to order by a master jeweller and take a little longer to ship. I think that you should leave 14 clear days to be absolutely sure that your pendant will arrive in time. It’s far better for it to arrive too early than too late.

The photo pendants come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be engraved on both sides with photos, logos, text and more. You will need to let me know the style you prefer as you order. Don’t think that you are limited to one face per pendant. More than one photograph can be merged on the single pendant and I can also remove background elements so that you are not distracted from the face.

Shipping costs are included in your pendant price. Etched in Memoriesâ also accept international orders, but remember to leave plenty of time for delivery! Full payment is required at the time of placing your order, using Paypal, a direct bank deposit, or a cheque mailed in the post.

Make sure that you upload your photograph at the time of making your order. If you forget you can email it direct to Etched in Memoriesâ, in either .jpg or .bmp format. You need to attach your original digital photograph file. If you don’t have a digital copy of your photograph you can scan a photo. Make sure you set your scan at a minimum of 200dpi. You can also send a hard copy of your photograph to Etched in Memoriesâ (up to A4 in size) and I can work from that. It will then be returned to you with your pendant order.

If you have a question about the order process ( or about any of the products) feel free to email me or even leave a comment here after my post.

Snazzy Ways to Wrap Your Gift

An Etched in Memories photo pendant is a very special keepsake so it deserves to be wrapped and presented in a special way. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversary or any other special occasion here are some ideas on unique ways to wrap this memorable gift:


  • If it is for Christmas, make a Christmas cracker and place the pendant inside as the “surprise” gift.  You can get DIY kits from department stores or Spotlight.
  • Place the pendant in a small gift box and place it in a bunch of roses, or favourite flowers.
  • Using the picture that has been etched onto the pendant, make wrapping paper on your computer. You could also make a collage of photos and use as unique wrapping paper.
  • Place the pendant in a little pouch or box and put it in a larger box, fill with  favourite chocolates such as pre-wrapped Lindt, or Roses chocolates.
  • You can involve your children and get them to make very cute little wrapping paper using their fingerprints.
  • Have you heard of Furoshiki? It is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping gifts using pre cut and stitched pieces of silk. There are some interesting techniques here on ways to try. You could go to a fabric store and buy some really gorgeous quilting fabric (fat quarter) as another option.

These are just a few ideas.  The possibilities for creating that extra special touch with your wrapping pendant are endless.