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Cufflinks For Your Men

Cufflinks are an elegant gift for men and recently, they have started to become popular again.  It’s as though they have been rediscovered.

I have always thought that cufflinks add a touch of class to a man’s styling and I enjoy seeing that flash of gold or silver on his shirt cuff.

Cufflinks are the decorative way to fasten a shirt cuff but they are only suitable for shirts which have buttonholes on both sides of the sleeve and no buttons.  They can’t be worn with standard shirts because they only have the buttonhole on one side.

There is a decorative side to a cufflink and a closure stud.  The decorative side can be plain metal but often it is decorated with stones or other images.  Ours have flat clean surfaces ready to hold the memories you have chosen.

Our rhodium cufflinks are available in oval or square shapes and we have selected these because the plates give ample room to add a clear etched image on top.  You can have a different image or text on each plate, too. The cufflinks come giftboxed and also include free regular postage Australia wide.

If your man has never worn cufflinks before he might be a little unsure about how to wear them.  This short video clip will show him exactly how to add them to his cuff and how to make sure they look fantastic.

Memories for Men

Don’t forget men when looking through the gifts here at Etched in Memories.  While they can be rough and tough on the outside they can also be sentimental and often they appreciate the fact that someone has recognised that aspect of them.

What better way to show this than with a pair of cufflinks?  We have either Oval Rhodium Cufflinks or Square Rhodium Cufflinks and with both of these options you can have a different image or text on each side.  The cufflinks also come in an attractive gift box that adds that extra special element when they are given as a present.

The ID/Army Dog Tag is a stainless steel pendant that also makes a great gift.  You can have the pendant engraved with a photo on one or both sides as well as text if you prefer.  This pendant can be attached to a key chain, a stainless steel curb or ball necklace or a black leather look necklace.  Simply select your preferences when you place your order.   These pendants also come in 9ct yellow gold or 9ct white gold.

Christmas is but once a year however memories are for a lifetime.

Browse our store to find the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Father’s Day Ahead

It is only a couple of weeks until Father’s Day.  Have you placed your order yet?  There is still time to order and personalise a gift from our range that he will treasure forever.

He deserves a special gift, after all.  Dads play a special role in our lives and it’s one that sometimes goes unacknowledged.   There is nothing that can replace that special male role model, is there?  For sons they show what it is to be a man.  For daughters they set the standard for their future life partner.  Those are seriously big shoes to fill.

We make a big noise about Mother’s Day but Father’s Day seems to slip by without the big fanfare which is disappointing.  They deserve every bit of respect, love and pampering that mums do.  OK, perhaps they’d prefer to watch the footy in peace instead of the pampering, but you know what I mean.

Men don’t usually show their feelings like women do but you know that he lives for you.  Everything he has done in life has been for you.  He’s given you everything that he could to make your life easier.  He won’t tell you about it; he just does it.  He loves you very much.

Make sure that your dad knows how much you love him, too.

Father’s Day is Coming

If you asked a father what they wanted for Father’s Day you would get a wide variety of answers, with everything from a new CD to an Aston Martin Vanquish. But a lot of dads would also be happy to simply spend some time with their family, enjoying Father’s Day lunch or a BBQ dinner (and beer of course!).

And don’t forget that dads can be sentimental too. After all, whether it is his first Father’s Day or his 50th, it is a day to remember and worthy of a celebration for being a father or Grandfather. It is a day when dads can feel special, honoured and thanked for just being “dad”.

Surprisingly, Father’s Day has only been around for just over 100 years. It originated in Washington in 1909 and was inspired by Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on a range of different dates around the world and usually involves giving gifts to fathers and grandfathers – celebrating with a special meal or other family-orientated activities. In fact, there are 24 different dates for Father’s Day around the world – that is an average of two Father’s Days a month (that’s a lot of breakfasts in bed!)

Most countries in the world celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday in June. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea are the only countries that celebrate it on the first Sunday in September.

So be prepared and don’t forget to spoil your Dad this Father’s Day!