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A Pendant Next To Your Heart

Etched In Memories specialises in jewellery with customised messages, so you can wear or give someone a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks directly from your heart. The pendants themselves are made of fine quality metals, and, once engraved, will hold the precious words next to the wearer’s heart for years to come. One of the premier joys of being a co-creator in custom jewellery is the luxury of choice. As well as choosing the metal that will suit the wearer best, there are a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses of pendant to choose from, each of which are suitable for carrying different types of messages.

Stainless steel pendants are the most economical of the range, and are a strong, bright option for casual gifts. Sterling silver is somewhat similar in appearance to stainless steel, but unlike stainless steel contains a high percentage of silver, a precious metal. Etched In Memories also carries a selection of pendants in gold. These range from the gold plated, through to 9ct white and yellow gold options. Gold plated jewellery is quite affordable, being a thin layer of gold covering a strong base metal. 9ct yellow and white gold are both very precious and beautiful options which people treasure for years and have heirloom potential.

The range of pendant shapes available ensures there is something to suit men and women of all ages, and great options for all occasions. The classic heart shaped pendants are well suited to displaying wedding anniversaries, for instance, or children’s names. Attractively rounded circles and ovals are sometimes preferred by women. Square pendants can appear quite modern, and along with rectangles and ID tag shapes can carry very personal and sentimental messages and still be suitable for men to wear.

This is only a simple guide, however. When choosing the pendant you would like, remember the human heart has few rules. Have a look through the Etched In Memories selection, and see what speaks to you.

Father’s Day Gifts

Perhaps you are well aware that Father’s Day (September 7) is drawing closer and it is only fair to give your old man something for the efforts of bringing you up. Usually, it is the mothers who get flowers and nicely-packed gifts, so getting something for dad on his special day will be a great way to show him your feelings, gratitude and acknowledgment. If you are having doubts about the nature of the gift, however, some of the options below may draw your attention – all of them can be customised to remind your dad of a great moment you had together.

To start with, you can choose from a variety of cufflinks and pendants available in our online store. Both options are available in a variety of forms and sizes, so make sure you check out all the categories and find the one your dad likes the most. In the case of the cufflinks, they can be oval or square. As for the pendants, they come in various forms, including ID tags, ovals and rectangles, as well as square and round pendants.

If you have decided to go for a pendant, you will need to carefully select the material it is made of. The options you have are stainless steel (it won’t change its colour and doesn’t look too shiny), gold plated (it is affordable and looks very stylish), sterling silver (an elegant version that won’t draw too much attention) or 9ct white or yellow gold (it will perfectly match with a gold bracelet or ring). Once you have decided your choice of material, you can then look to customise the gift.

The good news is that both the pendant and the cufflinks can be customised with an image and text. Therefore, pick a great picture of you and your dad enjoying the company of each other and add a text message that will express how special he is to you. If one image is not enough, you can add a second one on the back of the pendant or etch different images on each of the cufflinks. Make sure you choose the picture carefully – your dad will have this precious moment in front of his eyes whenever he wears them!

If you can’t decide which item to choose – the pendent or the cufflinks, you can do well to combine them and create a matching set. As for the pendant, you can request a key chain added to it before dispatching, and for the stainless steel models we can offer a corresponding ball or curb chain, so that your dad will be able to wear it around his neck. All our items can be giftwrapped, so you don’t need to worry about wrapped them yourself.

Remember that you need to place your order very soon if you want the item to arrive on time. If you have already made up your mind and would like to make your dad happy on September 7, visit our website now and choose from the many different options described above. All our gifts offer free shipping in Australia, so all you need to do to create another special memory for you and your dad is choose, customise and order – we will take care of the rest!

Caring For Your Pendants

While photo engraving is a beautiful reminder of someone or something special, there are ways of choosing and looking after your pendant to make sure you continue to get the best and most out of them. We supply all our pendants with a cleaning cloth and care instructions, but here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing and maintaining your pendant.

Choosing the right thing for you

Over time, plated metal surfaces can tarnish or the plated coating can wear down. Even sterling silver can be prone to tarnishing and can cause some skin types to go black, along with the pendant. While this can be cleaned, we suggest that plated pendants are usually better as a key ring, bookmark or keepsake item.

If you’re thinking of having a jewellery piece photo engraved and planning on wearing it often, it’s usually worth investing in 9ct gold, which is designed to be worn.

Staying scratch free

As with any metal surface, your pendant may scratch if it comes into contact with or against other hard objects or surfaces.

Keep your pendant scratch free by:

• Avoiding wearing more than one necklace at a time – they can mark against each other
• Storing your pendant carefully, preferably in a jewellery cloth or case, without touching other pieces or items
• Keeping your pendant away from hard or metal edged items

To care for and prolong the life of your pendant, consider which option is best for engraving your photo on and then take the adequate measures required to properly care for your item. Doing this will ensure your pendant will stand the test of time and continue to serve as the perfect memory keepsake.

Baby’s Arrival

The arrival of a baby is something very special to everyone in the family, and, just like a wedding, the birth of a baby is an occasion that deserves to be remembered for a long time. That is why, when you are considering buying a gift for a new mother, or for the newborn, you should consider engraved gifts as one of the options.

One very sweet idea is to capture baby’s hands or feet in a photograph and then have that photograph etched onto one side of a pendant; on the other side you can have the newborn’s name and details engraved or simply leave it plain. Or, you can choose to just have one side engraved. This is a very special gift which when worn close to the heart, provides a constant reminder of the new baby.

A long, sturdy necklace, on which to hang the pendant, can be a very practical gift for a new mother. While babies are feeding, they like to gaze up at mum and will often tug on any jewelry she is wearing. An engraved pendant will not only give joy to mum, but will provide baby with some interesting textures to feel while nursing.

When taking your photographs ensure your background is simple and that the lighting is not so strong as to cast shadows. Ensure your photograph is clear and sharp. Lay baby on a simple solid coloured blanket and shoot the hands and the feet in turn. When shooting indoors, the environment is more manageable and you can use lighting and light reflectors to lessen the shadows if need be.

If you take more than one image, the engraver can merge these images, do try to match the images and make them of a similar shape, size and quality. You may wish to include both the hands and feet of the newborn in one engraving.

Baby presents, such as these, have the potential to tune into a particular phase of the newborns life and can hold a distinctive spot in their heart. The personalised pendant has the ability to become a cherished family heirloom that can be kept for generations. You might wish to start a keepsake box for your new baby and this pendant can become just one of the items in that box!