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Pendant And Engraving Possibilities

At Etched In Memories ( we specialise in personalised gifts particularly that of engraved pendants. When it comes down to your pendant choices and engraving options, there are actually quite a few varieties. It all depends on your budget and your specific gift requirements.

First you need to look at your pendant metal options. We have a choice of stainless steel, gold plated, sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold pendants available. These range in cost from $37.95 for gold plated up to $637.95 for white gold.

Next you have to consider what shape you might want and of course this is closely related to the size and shape of the photo or image you are engraving on the pendant. The shapes we have in current stock are hearts, squares, ID tags, ovals, circles and rectangles. There are other shapes available although we do not hold them in store. If you have a special request, please let us know. The white and yellow gold pendant also comes in two thicknesses, that of 0.6mm and 1mm.

Then of course you have to decide on the actual image/s or photograph/s you would like engraved on the pendant. You can choose to engrave either one or both sides of the pendant with photos, logos, text and more. Our quality affordable metals are perfect for key rings and bookmarks while our 9ct gold or sterling silver pendants are more suitable for beautiful jewellery pieces.

We also offer an engraving only service and can engrave on pendants, zippo lighters, watches and business card holders. Again contact us for more information if you have a specialised order. Suitable items need to be perfectly flat, no thicker than 20mm and no wider than 80x80mm.

We love to assist in creating and preserving your special memories. And as our way of saying thank you, all pendants come with free gift-wrapping, cleaning cloth, standard postage Australia-wide and our promise to treat your memories with care and provide you with a stunning, quality keepsake.

5 Weeks Until Christmas – Get Your Orders In

Christmas is only about 5 weeks away now.  Yes, it is that close!

If you haven’t begun shopping for your Christmas gifts, now is the time to do it. I hate that last minute rush, don’t you? You end up with the leftover choices or you have to make a decision quickly.  Either way, the gift is never as good as you’d hoped for.

Most items in our store can be ready for you within a week of ordering and we ask that you allow 7-14 business days for receipt of your order, from when payment is received. That doesn’t leave you long to place your order, does it?  Of course you are able to request Express Post if you are in a hurry.

Free standard postage is included with all pendants, excluding special offers or clearance items unless specified otherwise.  All postage services and costs quoted are within Australia only.

Really, there are only three decisions you will need to make.

1.  Which pendant or gift will you choose?

2.  Which image would you like engraved onto the gift?

3.  How soon should you order?

Remember that all of our pendants come with free gift-wrapping and a free cleaning cloth to keep your pendant fingerprint-free.

Now, it might take you a week or so to find the photo you have in mind or to take the perfect new one.  Time is disappearing while you think about it?

Place your order asap and experience the pleasure of giving the perfect gift to the one you love.

How To Choose The Right Pendant For Your Photo

Sometimes the photos people want to have etched onto their chosen pendant just won’t work.  The size or orientation of the photo does not match the shape of the pendant.  With some photos it’s possible to crop or edit them so they fit but it can’t always be done.

First, look at the shape of the object or person you want etched into the pendant.

In this example, the shape is wider than it is high.  When that is transferred onto a pendant it will look like one of these two illustrations.

Here the pendant is higher than it is wide.  The etched image still looks good (luckily) but there is a lot of wasted space above and below the image.

On this pendant the etched image sits well.  It is centred and larger than it could have been on the pendant above, so you will have a much clearer image, too.

Of course the same goes for images that are taller than they are wide.  They will sit best on a pendant that is taller than it is wide.

If you have a favourite photo and you are not sure which shaped pendant or gift product it will sit best on, talk to us and we will help you make the best choice.

Take A Great Photo For Engraving

If you are thinking of getting a photo engraved onto a pendant for yourself, or as a gift, here are some tips on shooting your photograph(s) for the best result! Firstly, think about what you want from the engraving; is it to be an oval necklace pendant or a rectangular key ring? Try to match up your engraving idea with your shooting ideas and styles.

Make sure your backgrounds are simple and that the lighting is not so strong as to cast shadows. Most importantly ensure your photograph is clear and sharp.

If shooting indoors, you can use lighting and light reflectors to lessen the shadows. If shooting in natural light choose the “golden hours”, that is, when the sun is coming up or going down as this provides you with a soft golden light that is flattering to outdoor portraits.

If you are taking more than one image that you would like to have the engraver merge, try to match the images and make them of a similar shape, size and quality. If you take just the head and shoulders of one person, then make sure you take just the head and shoulders of the second person. The engraver will have the requisite skill to then6 make these photographs merge quite naturally on the pendant.

Will you use film or digital photography? These days digital photography allows the original file to be provided to the engraver. Whilst film photography is fine to shoot with, it is possible you will then need to scan your non-digital image into a digital format, a minimum of 300dpi is recommended.

If you follow these tips you should come up with some GREAT photography to be used by your chosen engraver. And finally, don’t forget to have fun with your photography!!!