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How To Choose The Right Pendant For Your Photo

Sometimes the photos people want to have etched onto their chosen pendant just won’t work.  The size or orientation of the photo does not match the shape of the pendant.  With some photos it’s possible to crop or edit them so they fit but it can’t always be done.

First, look at the shape of the object or person you want etched into the pendant.

In this example, the shape is wider than it is high.  When that is transferred onto a pendant it will look like one of these two illustrations.

Here the pendant is higher than it is wide.  The etched image still looks good (luckily) but there is a lot of wasted space above and below the image.

On this pendant the etched image sits well.  It is centred and larger than it could have been on the pendant above, so you will have a much clearer image, too.

Of course the same goes for images that are taller than they are wide.  They will sit best on a pendant that is taller than it is wide.

If you have a favourite photo and you are not sure which shaped pendant or gift product it will sit best on, talk to us and we will help you make the best choice.

Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day is Sunday 13 May and while we should recognise and appreciate our mothers each and every day, Mother’s Day allows us to make a concerted effort to really make our mums feel special.

The days leading up to the 13 May are particularly busy at Etched In Memories and we always feel grateful that we are a part of creating a special memory or moment for many of the mums out there.  Our Mother’s Day Packages always prove to be a popular choice with many of the bears and personalised pendants being scattered in all directions throughout Australia and beyond.

Remember the quality of the pendant engraving is only as good as the quality of the photograph so here is a reminder about how to take a great photo for engraving.  The photograph you choose is a reminder of a particular moment – it could be as special as this summer night memory captured here, the birth of your child or a special holiday or outing.

And while the path of any relationship is never smooth, with plenty of ups and down and even moments of forgiveness, Mother’s Day allows you to focus on the good times and celebrate the special bond of mother and child.

An engraved pendant is a personal gift which continues to last well beyond Mother’s Day and for many years to come.  Although in reality there really is no gift that you could give your mum that could ever equal the gift of life she gave to you.

I love this quote and thought I would share it with you – “A mother understands what a child does not say.”  And for this reason alone, Mother’s Day, as commercialised as it has become, deserves to be celebrated.

Baby’s Arrival

The arrival of a baby is something very special to everyone in the family, and, just like a wedding, the birth of a baby is an occasion that deserves to be remembered for a long time. That is why, when you are considering buying a gift for a new mother, or for the newborn, you should consider engraved gifts as one of the options.

One very sweet idea is to capture baby’s hands or feet in a photograph and then have that photograph etched onto one side of a pendant; on the other side you can have the newborn’s name and details engraved or simply leave it plain. Or, you can choose to just have one side engraved. This is a very special gift which when worn close to the heart, provides a constant reminder of the new baby.

A long, sturdy necklace, on which to hang the pendant, can be a very practical gift for a new mother. While babies are feeding, they like to gaze up at mum and will often tug on any jewelry she is wearing. An engraved pendant will not only give joy to mum, but will provide baby with some interesting textures to feel while nursing.

When taking your photographs ensure your background is simple and that the lighting is not so strong as to cast shadows. Ensure your photograph is clear and sharp. Lay baby on a simple solid coloured blanket and shoot the hands and the feet in turn. When shooting indoors, the environment is more manageable and you can use lighting and light reflectors to lessen the shadows if need be.

If you take more than one image, the engraver can merge these images, do try to match the images and make them of a similar shape, size and quality. You may wish to include both the hands and feet of the newborn in one engraving.

Baby presents, such as these, have the potential to tune into a particular phase of the newborns life and can hold a distinctive spot in their heart. The personalised pendant has the ability to become a cherished family heirloom that can be kept for generations. You might wish to start a keepsake box for your new baby and this pendant can become just one of the items in that box!

White Gold or Yellow?

When selecting a piece of jewellery you normally have to decide between silver or white gold and traditional yellow gold.  While it will ultimately be a choice based on your personal preference, there is more to take into account before making a decision.

When you choose what clothing to wear you always take into account what colours that you like and what suits your colouring.  You need to take those same things into account when choosing which colour metal to wear.

Cool skin tones look best with metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold.  Warm skin tones are better suited to yellow based metals such as yellow or rose gold.

Do you know which skin tone you have?

If I ask you what your favourite colours are, that is usually a good indicator.

People with cool skin tones usually prefer pinks, blues, purples and whites.  People with warm skin tones are likely to choose oranges, yellows, rusts and earthy colours.

If you are still not sure, have a look at the inside of your wrists.  What colour are the veins that you see?  If they look blue your skin is cool.  If they appear slightly green then your skin probably has a warm yellowish undertone.

If you are buying jewellery for someone else don’t forget to check which colour they currently wear.  There is no point buying a piece of jewellery in a metal that they are unlikely to wear.

Etched in Memories offers a choice of metals so that there is something to suit everyone.

Gift Packs

Sometimes gift-giving is such a challenge for some people – like me!  I often take a long time thinking of the best gift and one that would be useful to the recipient.  It can be even harder to choose a gift for babies because you know that they will be showered with gifts from friends and family.

That’s why gift packs like ours are such a great idea.  They are convenient and eliminate the time you would usually spend searching for the perfect gift.

What parent wouldn’t love our etched silver or gold pendants which include the baby’s name and date of christening or birth on the back?  Not only is this unique but it can also become a keepsake or heirloom piece in the future.

Along with the name and date of birth or christening, the pendant may contain the image of the baby taken from the first photo.  Or, why not use an imprint of the baby’s hands and feet as the etching? 

Our gift packs include the personalised pendant which comes attached to a blue, pink or brown teddy bear.  It is a round (27 x 27 mm) pendant which allows plenty of room for a christening design with text and photo on front side of the pendant and name and date on the reverse. 

A personalised pendant will be something that the parents treasure forever and something unique that they can pass on to their child in adulthood.