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An Elephant Never Forgets

“An elephant never forgets.”  You must have heard this old piece of wisdom from your parents or grandparents at some point in your life. If you are not convinced in the truth of this statement, you must watch the video below.  It’s a lovely story of remembering across time.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for humans.  Our memory is not nearly as good as the elephant, so we tend to forget a lot of things throughout our lives. On one hand, this is an advantage, because we can leave some bad memories in the past. On the other hand, however, we sometimes lose moments we would like to remember for a lifetime.

Luckily, there is a way to remember those special times in your life.  A great way to preserve beautiful memories is to engrave them on your jewellery. Of course, we have all heard of pieces of jewellery engraved with text and a lot of people would refer to ‘one ring to rule them all’ from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, but now you can have something more – jewellery with a photo engraved on it and bound to remain there forever.

Of course, you can choose any photo you like; your favourite one, or the one that reminds you strongly of a pleasant moment. Then you can have it engraved on a pendant or other piece of jewellery and never worry that it may fade away.  It will bring memories as long as you wear it. This is your chance to turn a piece of jewellery into your personal memory keeper – always there to remind you of your chosen favourite moment.

This is, perhaps, one of the best ways to preserve a photo with a favourite memory.  Rest assured that it will help you think of the good times and special people whenever you need it.