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Snazzy Ways to Wrap Your Gift

An Etched in Memories photo pendant is a very special keepsake so it deserves to be wrapped and presented in a special way. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversary or any other special occasion here are some ideas on unique ways to wrap this memorable gift:


  • If it is for Christmas, make a Christmas cracker and place the pendant inside as the “surprise” gift.  You can get DIY kits from department stores or Spotlight.
  • Place the pendant in a small gift box and place it in a bunch of roses, or favourite flowers.
  • Using the picture that has been etched onto the pendant, make wrapping paper on your computer. You could also make a collage of photos and use as unique wrapping paper.
  • Place the pendant in a little pouch or box and put it in a larger box, fill with  favourite chocolates such as pre-wrapped Lindt, or Roses chocolates.
  • You can involve your children and get them to make very cute little wrapping paper using their fingerprints.
  • Have you heard of Furoshiki? It is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping gifts using pre cut and stitched pieces of silk. There are some interesting techniques here on ways to try. You could go to a fabric store and buy some really gorgeous quilting fabric (fat quarter) as another option.

These are just a few ideas.  The possibilities for creating that extra special touch with your wrapping pendant are endless.