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Clever Packaging

You’ve bought the gift, now how are you going to wrap it? You could just take advantage of the gift wrapping service offered by many stores, but why not have a little bit of fun and get creative with the presentation?

There are loads of different wrapping paper designs available now, so you will probably be able to find one to suit almost any theme you choose, but you don’t have to buy gift wrap.

A great idea for a grandparent, aunt, uncle or god parent is to utilise some of those hundreds of colourful paintings your kids bring home from kindy, playgroup or day care as wrapping paper. You can also use butchers paper or newspaper to create your own personalised gift wrap using felt markers, stamps or paints, stickers or even glitter glue.

Baskets are not always an easily reusable item, except for re-gifting of course, but you can present collections of goodies in other useful containers such as a mixing bowl, foot spa, on serving platters or even in a laundry basket. Clear cellophane is very forgiving and you can cover almost anything in lashings of it, scrunch it together with some curling ribbon and it looks just like a present should.

One fun way to wrap a smallish gift is to place it inside a lot of boxes, each slightly larger than the other until you are left with a big gift box to wrap.

A hot glue gun is the best tool for adding personalised styling to your gift after it is wrapped as you can use it to stick almost anything on the box, paper, ribbons or bows. Effective decorations can be made by grouping dried or silk flowers, gumnuts and gum leaves, seashells, beads – anything at all really.

Gift bags have gained a huge popularity in the last few years, and besides the vast range you can buy, you could also consider making and or decorating your own gift bag for the special touch.